Wednesday, March 14, 2007

WTF is Inzamam saying?

What the hell is he saying? He loses the game, comes to Tony Cozier on the podium and says some stuff at the beginning, which I think amounts to apologizing to Allah. He lost the freakin' game. He sucked and his stupid team sucked. I remember, after the 2003 WC defeat against India Waqar said something to this effect as the bemused Tony Craig looked at him (probably thinking 'whaaa'). I thought that was a one-off thing. But Inzy says it after every game.Why wrap the defeat with a god-based plastic cover? Would you be any less angry with Rahul Dravid if he walked up and said "Om nama Shivaya. Muruga! gol vittiten mannichikoba"? I don't care if Dravid and I prayed to the same god, I'd freaking shove the mike up Dravid's ass if he pulled a stunt on me like that.

If he so wants to apologize to God, why can't he say that in his dressing room? Or when he is walking up to the podium. Why does he have to hold the mike and say it so that Tony can hear it? Why bring Tony Cozier, me and a billion other people into this?

Edit: Here is more comedy from the Pakistan team. First they stop several good players from representing them in the world cup and then they ban the rest of the club-class players from talking in English (is this really true?).
The Pakistan cricket team have been banned from speaking in English at World Cup news conferences to prevent players from being misquoted, according to a team spokesman.Former player Pervez Mir, the team's press liaison officer during the World Cup, said at a captain's media day in Montego Bay on Sunday that Pakistan's players would speak only in Urdu, which would also help to promote tourism to Pakistan."This decision was taken by the Pakistan Cricket Board because it is our national language and because 2007 is our National Tourist Year so we are promoting Pakistan as well."This is the perfect platform to promote and expose our national language, so there's nothing more to it."He added that a Pakistan player had been misquoted in Trinidad following the gas leak that led to the team being evacuated from their hotel earlier in the week."A journalist spoke to Danish Kaneria and asked him what he thought about the gas leak and he tried to play the incident down and said `It happens'."But when the report came out the journalist quoted him saying `It happens at home as well'"So we would rather avoid these kinds of incidents and speak in Urdu at official times, as well as for reasons of promoting Pakistan."


c2c said...

This is quite hilarious! However, I don't think the Pak team speaking in their own language is necessarily a bad thing. I really feel bad when some of these guys (without formal English education llike most Indian players) are forced to talk in English and end up making a fool of themselves. I would rather that they talked sensibly and candidly in their own language and had an official interpreter. Srilanka have started doing that, I heard.

Suresh said...

{{Om nama Shivaya. Muruga! gol vittiten mannichikoba"?}} - hahaha, I've said the exact same thing several times. He says "Insha Allah" (God willing) before each sentence, moron. What is he trying to say "Insha allah hum haar gayen!" (God willing we lost the bloody game)?
You should try this video (you might have seen it before)

Rastafari said...

Naivete at its height.
He doesn't *apologize*. He (and other Pakistanis) says that phrase at the beginning of every interview of his, not just when he loses a game...

Its an Apology said...

"Bismillae-rahmano-rahim, sabse pehle allah talah ka shukar. Hum haar gaye”

Deepa said...

They are promoting tourism to Pakistan by talking in Urdu!! Id kaneria had said "hota hain", would the paper have quoted him properly? Ellam eye-vaas (thillu-mullu style).

Hawkeye said...


i agree. players who dont know english should be forced. but 'ban' is a big word.


awesome you tube video dude. i fwded it to everybody i knew. i laugh uncontrollably everytime i read it.

Hawkeye said...


the comment after urs has answered the kostin.




:-). looks like they will be misquoted no matter what.

Arvind said...

he does not apologise to Allah. he invokes the name of the lord. what he says translates to 'In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful'. surprising that you made such a mistake in understanding the thing. also, all staunch Mohammedans do that and Inzi does it at all times, not when he loses alone. probably you have seen him lose most times of late and assumed...


Arvind said...

this will help...


Anonymous said...

english pesa theriyaadhavan manushane illai. Tony Grieg, Chappel, Benaud are the trinity. brownies - suck their feet or shut up

Hawkeye said...


this was the essense of my post

/*If he so wants to apologize to God, why can't he say that in his dressing room? Or when he is walking up to the podium. Why does he have to hold the mike and say it so that Tony can hear it? Why bring Tony Cozier, me and a billion other people into this?*/

in which case - that Inzy was apologizing or not is an interesting side-discussion but not the subject of my rant. I still think he is using religion to appease his people

Arvind said...

your point seems to be 'why is he wearing his religion on his sleeve' - which Inzy probably does.

>>"I still think he is using religion >>to appease his people"

but my point is that Inzy says those lines even when Pakistan trashes it's opponents.

yeah, the way he said Hum haar gaye immediately after his prayer definitely when taken out of context comes across as humourous..