Friday, April 20, 2007

Final Final Exam

This is a phase in my life when motivation to do anything (near the comp) is at its lowest. People have spaced-out, zone-out and checked-out from the MBA program already. The funny thing about this final exam is the lowness of its priority. It comes after party, tennis, gym, packing, and dinners. I am all but done with the MBA thing. I just have this accounting take-home final exam due on Monday noon. It was given out last Monday and I still haven't really seen what the question paper looks like. I don't see me going near the question paper today. On top of it I still don't know what this subject is all about. So, it will really boil down to a B.E University exam kind of a deal where I have to finish a subject - One which I have no clue about, a class which I never attended - in 1.5 days. With all the other courses done by last Wednesday, the motivation to go for one more exam is so low. One second after the guys called me out to cricket, I ran out of the house to the ground for some good ol' Tennis ball kirikaet. The way I lied and fought to my protesting bhariya about it - reminded me of 7th standard days.
There is a final Indian Student Association bash before graduation tomorrow. So pretty much Sunday night is ambael . If I don't finish of this exam by tomorrow afternoon, something would happen on Monday, which my ex-roomie Suri would describe, with hands twisted either ways and nasty expression on his mug, as 'Vaaaangikichu'


I said...

vazhka engira paritchai-le pass aradhu dhan mukkiyam

Anonymous said...

'bhariya' as in telugu?

Hawkeye said...




bhariya as in sanskrit?