Thursday, April 12, 2007

Losers Convention does a PIL

What do you do when a person goes to court and puts up a Public Interest Litigation against sun rising in the east (bad: because I have to get up), birds chirping (too noisy), people breathing ( too much CO2 emitted) etc. Here is a person in Madras, who has put a PIL because schools are using X Std performance to do a merit based selection of Std XI class.

"She further said provisional admissions based on the half-yearly examinations had been given to select students, causing severe emotional and mental stress to other students and parents."

"students getting lower than the cut-off mark are told to find admission elsewhere for Standard XI."

Oh my god! How horrible can this world get, discriminating students based on their exam performance. Somebody ought to litigate against universities and private companies for discriminating students based on exam performance. This ridiculous system has to stop.


ada-paavi!!!! said...

idhu over, their stupidity provided u with a post, so thank them.

vazthanam, appo dhaan we get entertainment

thepsychologic said...

If I am not mistaken, last year someone who had written the XII exam filed a PIL because the question paper had questions that were not in the textbook.

anantha said...

The Madras High Court has restrained the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools from "weeding out" students and preparing a provisional selection list for Standard XI admissions even before the release of SSLC results.

Let me take a line of thought contrary to everything everyone is going to say. Let's first answer this question to the best of our ability.

Do all of us think that performing below expectations in a exam that takes place in November/December points to a similar performance in the boards?

If everyone who reads this post thinks the same way, then I will just smile and walk away.

But I think there will be a few who will say "Not exactly". So that's what I am suggesting. You can't deny someone a chance based on a preliminary test that does not matter in the real word outside their school.

On the contrary, I think that this will place more pressure on the student. Of course, I am sure there will be the usual comments about private enterprise (that the school has every right etc.) and all that, but I don't think that is relevant to the crux of this discussion.

If this selection is made after the Boards, I am fine with it, but not when it happens in the basis of some exam that happens in November.

Also, this practice assumes that the school/teacher have no role to play in the non-performance of the student. A teacher is as responsible for the performance of their wards as the parents are. I am not sure if such a line of thought is used as a basis ever. I think it is usually arbitrary.

thepsychologic: That must have been a State Board student. That's because for decades now, the state board question papers have been using questions that appear at the end of each lesson in the textbook and any deviation from the norm (however unwritten) causes bedlam! The CBSE on the other hand has no boundaries, as long as the concepts involved are in the textbook. So a state board student can score "centums" by mugging, while a CBSE student cannot, in spite of having numerous study guides.

Vidhya said...

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Hawkeye said...




thats a classic case of 'habit' or 'trend' being considered as rule.


(what I am saying is based on my experience)

you make a very good point. here is the thing. I guess the case is against my school. When the school prepares a preliminary list for priorty XI std candidates, the only data they have is half-early or APSC exam results. They use that data to make the decision. Once the X std results come out they admit the students who meet the criteria.

The only disadvantage here is a false positive. where a student who did very well in APSC exams screws up or fails in Std X. While I have seen one or two students in my class who had this provisional admit, not do well in boards, I still think its a decent enough idea. Mostly the movement is the other way. Students who dont do well at all in Half-yearly exam pick up momentum and do well in boards.

The filtering I am against is the weeding out of X or XII std students just before the hall-ticket stage. That is basically chickening out by the teaching fraternity. This filtering at least motivated students in class to do well. Even the people who werent selected, suddenly woke and got motivated by this rude wake-up call.

Ofcourse you can make an argument that it puts more pressure on a poorly performing student. but that is life. you would remember that everytime you are doing badly, you need to perform 2X than normal to extricate yourself.


thanks for the link. I will certainly visit your blog.

Anonymous said...

hmm.. I would like to explore this topic a bit more ..

should private schools be allowed to control its admission process without intervention from a central education board or government or the court?

if anybody thinks the answer is 'no', I would like to know why.

I personally think its absolutely fine even if a school says that you should have climbed everest to get admission - cos I think even education (the private kind) 'is' (and should be) based on open market forces .. supply and demand .. you don't like the admission policy of one school, go join another school. its as simple as that.


anantha said...

but that is life. you would remember that everytime you are doing badly, you need to perform 2X than normal to extricate yourself.

Sure, what you say looks good. But wouldn't you rather facilitate better performance by reducing all pressure? I mean, if your concern was for the student's performance only, wouldn't the student be better served if he/she is devoid of all additional pressure? What these schools are doing is that they are making the thing artificially hard, which is totally unnecessary. And you are telling me that if a student improved his performance from the half early / APSCs to the Boards, they'd overturn the decision and give him an admission? Nah, I dont think so and besides I think that is moot because, cos I think parents are fickle enough not to wait.