Wednesday, April 11, 2007


School life is coming towards an end. People are either worrying about their involuntary participation in the H1-B lottery or attending some party, dinner or xyz event - where alcohol is served. Rest assured nobody is studying or even remotely concerned about the upcoming final exam week. Since weekend (which btw is now Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun) doesn't seem to be enough, we are getting together on weekdays. School life provides you nonsense forums to have inane and completely ridiculous discussions. These are the kind of get-togethers that you miss afterwards. The 8 hour long over-night discussion that my roommates in Columbus had - on which part/parts of the body a person would sacrifice - to sleep with the 'then' hot actress/model/girl-on-the-road comes to mind. Yesterday, I happened to be in one such party, where 'unity in diversity' desi'ess seemed to be at the fore. Each guy present was from a different state - Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Punjab, UP.

Sometimes parties are fun and some parties are hilarious. You meet and learn about different people, who can narrate weirdest of stories from their sordid past. Since one guy in the group was guitarist and was taking viewers requests and some sang along. The night progressed in a hippie-style-weed-spaced-out fashion. Arguments happened. Strong opinions were expressed. Before you know it - the clock ticket 2:00 AM and the major portions of the argument was yet to come. Someone was a captain of a university basket ball team, the marathi dude was a TV/advertisement actor. The guy from Madhya Pradesh, claimed he played for the MP Ranji team in the 1997 season. I don't know much about MP cricket, but he claimed that seniors systematically pushed down juniors if they felt that the junior threatened their places. This happens even in the national team, it seems. Plausible, but allows for argument. Then late late into the night, someone got into the mood and we s-video'd (to the TV) and cheered some famous (but extremely ridiculous) cat-fights that happened in 80s bollywood movies (from youtube). The arguments are the best part of a party. It ranges from professors, bottom of the pyramid, fair and lovely, switching-cost of having an affair, tendulkar, yahoo's strategy, gossip, H1B visas to tightness of some actress thighs. Next day morning you get up and you don't even remember the argument, except for the fact the some homework is due in 1 hour and you have no clue what that home work is. Everybody who knows that information is sleeping. But you still feel that the night was time well spent. College life has its own charm. I leave you with some of those famous cat fights.

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I said...

Form Tamil Association and mingle only with Tamils.

VJ said...

Nice post, So where are you headed next? Hope your Career and H1-B race doesn't come in the way of blogging.

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