Friday, April 13, 2007

Review: Mozhi (Language) - Bale!!

This is such a wonderful movie. Seriously, this is a very good movie. I really think humor is the 'mozhi' here. This movie just tip-toes between so-many potential pot-holes and never falls into any of them. A milli-meter this way or that way and this movie could have ended up as over-sympathetic, condescending, goofy, slap-stick, overly-righteous, sad, sentimental, drawing-mileage-out-of-easy-target, badly acted kind of a movie. Instead every possible 'eeewww' ends up being a 'awww'. It does a fantastic tight rope walk and keeps things very dignified. I heard so much about this movie but somehow I missed it in the theaters for 'Pachai Kili'.

The maturity with which this has been conceptualized and presented is simply awesome. I can't believe this is someone's debut movie. There are some moments, which take you to another level. One - the fact that this is a person who does re-recording and gives 'voice' to the movie when the movie is still in its silent stage, but can't give voice to a person is one of those cute little ironies. Made even more special because its not explicitly dealt with but just subtly suggested. Second - the 3-4 minute silent sequence where he walks on the road with his ear plugged. The pin-drop silence - when so much is happening and makes you wonder if you have lost audio - was simply superb. This is a kind of a movie which doesn't even need a climax to deliver the payload. From the first minute it is a crescendo that keeps delivering payload every now and then. What amazed me was the dignity with which the movie was handled. That is why I liked it so much. If at all this movie missed somethings, I would say it missed Ilayaraja's magic. Two main actors who dont speak tamil fluently/without an accent was a mildly noticeable but forgiven.

The professor whose mind is frozen in time, in 1984, completely disturbed me. Seriously, thats a raw-nerve-touching role. And so well-acted out. If this director is so good that he can think of such a role and present it so wonderfully, then there is more to come from where this movie came from.


Saravanan said...

>> I can't believe this is someone's debut movie.

This is Radha Mohan's third movie as director. His earlier movies are Alagiya Theeye and Ponniyin Selvan.

Anupadmaja said...

But this is Radha Mohan's very firstest debut of introductory first experience as director of a movie titled Mozhi. I am very sure of that.

-Not sure why i posted this.

Hawkeye said...


u should have said

"dont worry saravana is here" :-)


ponniyin selvan ivan edutha padamaaa - ywack! i take back some of my praise.

anush said...

I share the same thoughts....I really loved it and watched it pretty late too. I was quite amazed at the maturity level of the director and was pleasantly surprised to see a tamil movie with no fights and a separate comedy track. You are absolutely right about the music - this movie could have been a masterpiece with raja's background music!

ஜீவா (Jeeva Venkataraman) said...

Yes, it was a great movie!
Glad see such one, Isn't it?

Saravanan said...

I haven't seen Ponniyin Selvan. So I can't comment on it. But his first movie, Alagiya Theeye is good. Watch it if you get a chance.

I am trying to watch this movie for quite some time. But I am not able to get a good print. Do you have any download links for the movie ?

Hawkeye said...


i miss raja's music.


it is. very heartening.


email anupavum.

Anonymous said...

Good movie. More so because Jyothika was dumb :) I thought her expressions did not change much from chandramukhi

Anonymous said...


Ponniyin Selvan was directed by him, but too many intrusions from Ravi's father. At least, that is what I heard. It is not so good to make films with star sons.

Mozhi and Azhakiya Theeye are good works. I am glad that finally, Prakashraj has a movie that stands as a big hit. After all, he pumps all the money he makes acting in all the other Indian films into Tamil film production. He deserves this win.


fieryblaster said...

I always enjoy ur movie reviews. Enjoyed this one too more than the film.