Friday, May 25, 2007

Chidambaram Vs Madurai

A family is said to be ruled by Chidambaram aatchci if the man dominates the wife. He makes her listen to him. He has the final word on all matters.

A family is said to be ruled by Madurai aatchi if the man is dominated by his wife. He listens to her every whim and wish. He has no final say on any matter.

This lingo, after all my buffalo years, I learned in Vada-India.


Saravanan said...

Avamanam. Ithu kooda theriyama thamizhagathla eppadi ivvalvu naal iruntheenga

Anonymous said...

Did someone ask you whether it's Chidambaram or Madurai in your house. Anyways, Is it Chidambaram/Madurai in your house, Hawkeye :-)

Hawkeye said...


athaan enakkum theriyalai.


regardless of how I answer this question, after I answer it, I will become thirumalai.

MLC said...

hawkeye, LOL @ your answer to anon!! good one!

Pongal said...

I think i reacehd right place. we have pattimandram same topic on 19th November 2007 Kudumpathil Chidambaram Vs Madurai" please please give some good points to talk both Chidambaram Vs Madurai"