Monday, May 14, 2007

Kabali Times:Call for Protest

The nation should rise and protest against Arundhati Roy for protesting too much. For the first time the country will join together and protest in order to stop someone from protesting. The people want to know - what is she protesting against this time? What about her last protest? According to the ACNeilson survey results published in Kabali Times 72% of the respondents say that she should be branded as a serial protester and jailed. 20% said that if she hasn't registered herself as a professional protester, whose services will be offered to anyone who desperately requires protesting, a'la Management Protester or Technology consultant protester, Kabali Times should patent the concept and file a law suit against her.
Kabali Times has also received classified information that - More than the BJP, thousands of software engineers who contributed to desibaba during late nineties and early 2000s are terribly upset with Chandramohan. They claim that he basically did amateur erotica and got a PhD for it. All the 'Hi I am from Punjab please mail me if you want experience sex' story writers have done awesome erotica that deserve a PhD not just from a lowly Maharaja Sayaji university but from the IITs and IISc of the world. The y2K software engineers of the bygone era will protest in front of the Lok Sabha, Krishna Ghaana Sabha, Lollu Sabha, Films Division, and BSNL demanding a PhD for each and every desibaba contributor.
Kabali Times


anantha said...
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anantha said...

If Desibaba contributors have to get a PhD, what about the people who set up the site and gave these people the avenue to contribute? The founders of Desibab (and what about Desipapa?) should be given a honorary doctorate!

Sachita(india) said...

"protest against Arundhati Roy for protesting too much."

Truer words were never spoken. But I am just waiting for my millions to be made then I shall start my protests(against her protests).

arvinth.ramani said...


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