Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Missing Sivaji

The First Day First Show experience of a Rajinikanth movie is as big an event as the movie itself. The fizz is so great the first day. I'd give my left hand to be there even if I didn't like the movie. In my experience even in Udhayam theater the second day excitement and crowd-power is pale in comparison to the first day. Rajinikanth First Day First Show in Madras beats anything in the world. Thanks to this donkey, I realized that I will be missing First Day First Show of Rajinikanth-Shankar's Sivaji. This is probably Rajinikanth's biggest movie since Thalapathi and the expectations are high. I can't believe I scheduled my trip without taking this into account.

At the time of my marriage, I found out that my wife's uncle was capable of getting me FDFS ticket in any theater regardless of the movie, star, demand etc. So I changed my no-dowry policy and asked for a recurring life-long dowry. He had to give me a FDFS ticket, whenever I asked for it. Otherwise I'd send the wife back to her parents home and they in-turn would forward her to her uncle's home. That, I suppose is incentive enough for him to keep his side of the bargain. This time I am planning to use this technicality to send my wife away anyway :-) Well...maybe after I see the second day first show.

P.S: In Baroda Now. Pilgrimage trip went well with some LSE moments of course.


anantha said...

Don't worry... You are *probably* not missing it. June 15th kku postponed :(

Hawkeye said...