Friday, May 04, 2007


One should take an axe, walk around the country and hew off every last being, who is even remotely associated with the production of TV mega serials. The world should be wiped clean of them, their families and any possibility of their future generations. All people who composed the background music and title song for these serials should be handicapped in every possible way (like every possible way) and left to live for another 100 years.
One should take a survey among people who say "some serials are not bad, seriously, you should watch them" - find out what those serials are, and administer a slow, cruel and painful death to people associated with those specific serials.


MLC said...

its plain entertainmnt for a huge part of our folks bck home. avanga enjoy panrathuku dhaan, indha maadhiri izhu izhu nu izhukuraan!

neenga yaen adhalaampaathu ivvalo tension areenga??? pondaatti kaiyalae "jillunu" yaedhaana kudichitu kupura padungalaen;-)!

anush said...

it's sad that 'entertainment' for a many of our folks has come to watching these stupid serials and listening to that background score. It is highly depressing to see the kind of melodrama they create in those serials...and even more depressing to see some of your folks watching it.

a serial killer would come in handy :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely, i have mentioned the same many a time out of frustration. My father and mother, along with siblings watch no less than 6 serials. Imagine:-) I hate Radhika. The woman is the biggest hypocrite, if you listen to her speeches and then hear(not watch) her tv serials(unfortunately, I have to hear it). These shows are such rubbish. I don't buy this entertainment deal. If entertainment is the issue, there are so many good novels and themes that can be picturized.

As for the songs, I guiltily admit to liking a few. When compared to film songs, I am starting to feel, at least, the lyrics are understandable. I do feel songs like Mettioli and Anandam are much better than so many film albums. But the background scores are a different issue. Someone should seriously axe these MDs when they go to do background scores.


P.S. Obviously, this a rant from frustration myself. No need for violence in this issue...but some employment for older housewives with too much time on hand.

Karthik.H said...

Are you Interested in Setting up a Torture camp for CEOs of Sun TV, Jaya TV, Raj TV and Vijay TV???

Anonymous said...

People who write such nasty posts in their blogs have to be castrated in public and made to live for 100 years in the same condition.

Mega serials directly or indirectly provides living for umpteen number of people. It's not imposed on you. You can always avoid watching it.

Suprised to see a post in bad taste .You can do better than this.

Ram said...

did someone call me??

Hawkeye said...


yes! i called for you to roam around the earth for 22nd time, and while you are at it hack down child artists also.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! First "Mutti vali" la irunthu arambinga, I mean Metti Oli! 10 varushama oditrukku!