Friday, May 25, 2007

P.C.Sreeram? Cheeni Kum?

I saw an advertisement for yet another arbitrary Amithabh Bachan movie and suddenly noticed P.C's name in the credits. I am tempted to go and see it for him. But I have a question. What gives?

Has God descended down to Bollywood to take a look? How did this happen? What is the connection? Is this a P.C movie after 'Kanda Naal Muthal' or was there something else in-between?


Rastafari said...

Cheeni Kum is famous ad director Balakrishnan's film debut. He roped in P.C and Ilaiyaraaja, being a big fan of these two.
The film premiered at Cannes and is getting mixed review. Guardian has written a roast while a section of the Indian media is singing praises

Ramanujam said...

Wud be glad to meet u.
exam gets over on 30th...
June avuthu vitta kazhuda daan:)
I want ur mail id...
Leave it here or can u mail it to me

Nilu said...

Did you seek an appointment with this rammanujam thing? I