Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sleeping in the Terrace

I almost felt like Shrek and the donkey staring at moon from a cliff. I have to say, sleeping in the terrace is way underestimated and forgotten experience. I don't even remember the last time I did this. I had a Pedestal fan with double extension cord lending a helping hand against the cruel Baroda Summer. The nights were not so cruel. The cool breeze in the night and the sound of night insects led to a camping-in-forest feeling. Also, the pleasure of reading a novel in street light and staring at the stars during breaks/page-turns. Wow!
Orrey the romantic feelings.


Anonymous said...

Heard today is ur friend Karthi b'day. oorey ithaan paaechu..
unnaku theriyuma??

-- naan yaara iruntha enna??

MLC said...

..."Orrey the romantic feelings."

ahem! ahem! ensoooiii! na baatule "motta maadi motta maadi .. oru luv jodi luv jodi.." nu situation paatu paadaraen;-)!