Friday, May 04, 2007

Top Employers for MBA candidates

CNN Ranks the Top 100 MBA employers. This is a list of companies where MBA candidates say they'd most like to work. Six of the top 7 companies listed here, figured in my personal list of top 7 companies to work for (I had Booz Allen Hamilton instead of Apple). The order in which I ranked them differed slightly. After the Top 7 - the list simply does not make sense. It in fact is a lot of nonsense.
Meanwhile Microsoft seems to be exploring a Yahoo acquisition . I should have really got an Excellent in my Advanced Competitive Strategy term paper for recommending the obvious :-)


Deepa said...

wow, I am surprised to see Google ahead of McK, BCG and Bain. Go google.

Vee Cee said...

Financial firms, Management consulting firms, Fortune 500 toppers & Google (not necessarily in that order) - no big surprises here.
So why "nonsense after top 7"?

senthil said...

Hi bharath,

I am a regular reader of you blog.
Can you please explain the aspects of doing MBA in US as you have mentioned.Would like to hear from you on everything from getting loans to placements.I remember you writing a post on it previously,but would be happy to get some more.Thanks.


Hawkeye said...


/*Go google*/

oye enna oye ... aiyee kesiduven keesi :-)

i am not surprised. in a fast growing company - career acceleaton is similar to or faster than what an MC can give you.

vee cee,

first of all IB and MC careers are choen by MBAs from a mutually exclusive set of people. i'llgo into specific details after i come back from a hearty lunch!


yup! ill start posting soon.

Madhu said...

Hi bharath,

I'm a regular reader of your blog, an admit into the class of 2009 at Ross, and a resident of chennai.
Was wondering if I could speak with you sometime about Ross and the mba program.


Vee Cee said...

Actually, am just curious why you thought "After the Top 7 - the list simply does not make sense".
Do you mean, they should split the list into top companies chosen in each specialization (IB, MC etc.)? In that case, the whole list should not make sense.

Nilu said...

intha Senthil unnaya vechhu comedy panran nnu nenaikkaren.

ennamo, sollitten, apram un istam

Ram said...

what?? you recommended that MSFT by YHOO? I thought it was a dumb idea.. and certainly did not see what YHOO stood to gain.. we should talk :-)

Ram said...

btw forgot to ask... in typical desi ishtyle w.r.t one of your previous posts :-) have you been employed? what is your salary?

Just Kidding!!!

Hawkeye said...


Hawkeye said...

(i typed responses to all coments and pressed submit. everything dissappeared)


i tried searching for your email address in your blog. i couldn't find it. please send email to and we can talk.


yes! you are right. This list seems to be biased towards people who have MC as plan A and Hi-tech marketing/strategy/finance/operations jobs as secondary option. This has little relevance towards people who have something else such as IB, sales & trading, equity research, CPG marketing as plan A.


I hope you play some sort of cricket during weekends. team'la serthukko.


yagoo kitte thuddu illai, msft kitte online properties illai. nalla porutham, 8 poruthams, kalyanathai panni josiyar commissionai kodungo.

p.s1: kengrajlations. was in dallas last month. heard 'visesham' news about you

p.s2; i have an offer letter. too scared to say i have job.

Arvind said...

I just visited the Googleplex yesterday, definitely a 'cool' place to be!