Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I am gonna be travelling for the next 20 days. The schedule of the 'Suraavali Sutru Payanam' reads
May 17 - Dilli
May17-21: H-Rishikesh, Badrinath, HariDwar, Lakshman-Jwala and the works (Bhakthi Paravasam adain-jings)
May 22: Mathura, Brindhavan
May 23-27: Baroda (To protest against Arundhati Roy and meet Chandramohan :-) ), Dakhor
May 28 -30: Pune
May 31: Mumbai
I have packed John Wright's Indian Summers, Steve Waugh & Shane Warne's autobiographies and the last two books of Ashok Bankar's Ramayana. I am all excited. The only problem is - I hate road journeys.
I hope blog posting does not become sporadic. Will post travelogues.


Deepa said...

Mama, kalakkarel.:-)

Anonymous said...

i think it is lakshman-jhula. anyways, will wait for your updates...
have fun and beware of cheats :)

hamsini said...

oh,just went last month to the whole rishikesh-haridwar-delhi-mussorie thing last month! went para gliding in mussorie and fell muchly in love with delhi.:)

have fun!! ive read indian summers-its one of the best peice of cric lit you'll ever get to shane warne's UNAUTHORISED biography..decent read..READING s.ewaugh's out of my comfort zone now!:)

if you come back and you have time, will you have time for a meet? thought i could rope in harish aka magix also..

MLC said...

hawkeye! ippodhaaney kalyaanam aachi!!! kuttis-um innum varalai!! adhukkulle ungala kaasi- rameswaram nu trip adikavechitaangaley;-))!
so 10-15 yrs & few kuttis aanapram, appo simla-shillong nu poveengalo?

anantha said...

mlc: Lollu thaangala!

Hawkeye: Thalaivar padam FDFS miss panna poreengo!

Anonymous said...

This blog is incredibly hilarious- I am dying here laughing at the blouse and komanam blog......Thanks for making my day.. my white friend and collegaue wanted toknow why I was raving and it was hard to explain the circulating blouse piece tradition!!!!!!

MLC said...

anantha! i was actually thinking of u few days back when my sister was mentioning about this best friend that she called "andy" aka anantha. 1st thot about u but few seconds later, i knew he was'nt u coz "avar ponungala vida pasangala paakaravar" nu oru bit-a sonnaa;-)!

Uma said...

Hawkeye, email me at (and do delete this comment will you, please) - Uma