Saturday, May 26, 2007

VVS Laxman

All other trivial considerations aside, hasn't the think-tank made a decision that amounts to - Dhoni is a better middle order player than Laxman ?
How else can anybody explain 2 wicket-keepers getting into the side ahead of Laxman? Karthik can open. Dhoni can't or doesn't. Dhoni rubs the salt further by batting in Laxman's spot in exchange for doing a job, which a person selected ahead of him can do equally well. Either which way - Karthik's (and not Dhoni's) inclusion can make way for Laxman. When that does not happen, my above assertion seems to be the only explanation.
Australia would have done the logical thing. Drop Dhoni and pick Laxman. Something, which we should do in England if we want to 'stop running our cricket like Zimbabwe and be like Australia'


Nilu said...

While I agree Laxman should have played, I disagree with the logic.

An keeper can't open in a Test match. Certainly not in May in Mirpur. For more info on this, ask Karthik, Jaffer and Tendulkar.

Nilu said...

err, excuse the bad grammar

Hawkeye said...


short term:

/*Certainly not in May in Mirpur.*/

If all things remain the same (if sehwag isnt selected), and if dravid is his logical best then do you think dhoni will be asked to stand down in england?


/* An keeper can't open in a Test match. */

hmmm. this is the worrying part. i agree that stewart is only an exception and this is the rule. that is not good news for laxman until someone retires.

Anonymous said...

Dhoni is a better keeper than Karthik. Karthik is Surely a better batter than Dhoni.

Problem is Karthik, Dhoni both will have their asses exposed in England and VVS will walk in... LOL

- Ganesh

Nilu said...

If the side has a fantastic bowling attack which will never have more than 4 sessions on the field, a keeper opening the batting is plausible. Still not desirable.

Stewart had 3 shots he could play. And England as a team, when he was playing, had 6 shots. So, that's not really an example.

Opening after keeping for 60 overs requires a super-human fitness. Not sure Karthik has it.

raj said...

Dhoni is a goalkeeper who has managed to do exceptionally well to do a decent job as Wicket Keeper. Karthik is better by miles actually. As a batsman, Karthik is better but Dhno is a bigger impact batsman which means , in one out of 15 matches, he will score that hurricane innings which will change the match course(Note: This one innings will be in Subcontinent)> That would help him masquerade as the better batsman for years together. Hence Karthik is doomed because he is bound to fail in atleast one series completely as an opener.After that series, he will be dropped forever.
Laxman ofcourse will never get a look-in and retire before Tendul,Gangs and Dravid.
Besides, Dhoni can sell Colas and Motorbikes in Punjab/Harayana/north India. This is a crucial attribute. Laxman cant even sell a candy to his five year old nephew. So, he doesnt deserve to be part of the Indian Cricket Team.