Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Board Exam Results Thingie

They are still persisting with the Boys Vs Girls thing - aren't they? Every May it has become a ritual for newspapers, TV channels and the DPE to make fun of boys. "Girls secure higher pass percentage than boys" is a guaranteed headline item any given May. What is the deal here? What point is everybody trying to prove here? To whom are they trying to prove it? Do they want all the boys to stand outside the DPE office and say "We surrender. We are far to occupied with our adolescence to focus on studies. More interesting alternatives such as porn, cricket, mumtaz's cleavage, malavika's navel and other assorted women have conspired to distract us from centripetal force, inorganic chemistry and Tulsi Das Dohas. In contrast, for women, mega serial as an alternative is not even in the same ball park. We realize that we cannot overcome the crucial 15 percentage point difference that rural area girls gain by being virtually locked inside the house. We would rather fail than go through that agony. At least our parents don't put posters all over the city and celebrate the fact that our reproductive system has started working. This alone is worth a 10 point lag in pass percentage statistics".

I want to start a fund, which focuses on advertising IIT results in news papers. Someone should make it a point to bold print Girls Vs Boys comparative analysis of JEE results. My non-existent moustache is angry.


Rashmi said...


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I said...

meesa illadhan nee ellam oru damilana?

Anonymous said...

DPI na enna ?

I said...

dpi = deep packet inspection

funkaboy said...

It seems that the percentage of girls in the incoming batch reduced from forty to about fifteen percent after BITS,Pilani introduced the BITSAT
computer-based entrance exam. Itha
ellam dinathanthi-la solla
maatanunga :)

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is a bogus... May i add silly... It's Just simple math... and our guys cant get it right...

Always Boys outnumber the Girls in Taking the exam... So for example if 300 Boys take the exam and 200 Girls Take the Exam.. Lets say 210 Boys pass the exam that amounts to 70% success and lets say 150 Girls pass the exam.. Which means 75% pass but the boys outnumber the girls...in numbers..

IF some one comes up with the stupid argument about the number of failures... I will kill them... LOL..


Victor Guerra said...

I endorse your view, Hawkeye..!!

Deepa said...

"Inhd varudamum ..." sentence definitel sounds very funny these days. This post is timely.:-)

Hawkeye said...


thanks for the info.


police velai enakku kedaikaathu


DPE. sorry ba


i didn't know that. i'll use it if you dont mind.

ganesh babu,

dei ...rajasekhar sir unnai math class'a vittu velilaa anupchathu sari thaan poo.




ya - this time it was all over the papers and i had to read about pass percentage statistics in UP, Delhi, Gujarath, Pune etc.

Macintosh said...

At least our parents don't put posters all over the city and celebrate the fact that our reproductive system has started working.

Ithu dhan Hawkeye style.

Divya.B said...
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Divya.B said...

I have thought in these lines too. But never wanted to acknowledge the fact that guys do better in competetive exams. The biased me!
But as mentioned by you, in the cosmic sense, the significance of these facts and statistics is probably nil.
Oh, you are from one of those hamlets where they put up posters all over the place? Thank God, I am not:)

Anonymous said...

In villages, girls are still not allowed to go to schools. By giving news items like girls are securing better than boys they are telling that girls are no way inferior to boys ( common perception in India).

they are simply promoting hat girls should be educated.

i knew your article was meant to be taken in a lighter way..but still

PS. male here