Friday, June 22, 2007


A close friend and class mate of mine - colorKing - was unsure of his MBA plans and so was discussing all possible scenarios with me. At some point in the argument he said, "I am very old. I am not sure if I can handle the course work in a top B school". I was taken aback by the laughable naivety. In all my discussions with many people, the topic of course work had never cropped up. The course work part of B School is a negligible non-existent factor.
This fellow was a *.medalist in his B.E and a 4.0 category in grad school. I wanted to tell him that having done those horrible probability random theory, signal processing courses in grad school, this B-school course work was a walk in the park (or even less if something like that existed). I told him "dude! course work is very easy. you have done much harder stuff. In mathematics, you have done those double.....". I couldn't continue the sentence. Darn it! I forgot the freaking word for it. I began to draw 's' like shapes in the air. My friend was non-plussed and kept looking at those shapes as if to say "what?".
Finally after a lot of mumbling and searching. I said "Integration". His wife couldn't hold it any more and laughed out loud. But I guess my argument was very effective. I didn't have to say a lot I guess. What I couldn't say gave him a good idea about the kind of course load he might face.
I guess my transformation is complete.


Anonymous said...

color king - I know that guy... is that RR??

- Ganesh

Terry said...

naivete in giving pseudonyms

man mohan said...

super funny macha.. just keep it making funnier.. like this only.. prob, show us your face also

Raj said...

I guess my transformation is complete

Sickboy said...

As a person looking to do an MBA, that makes 4 years of my BE life seem so much more insignificant. :(

Karthik Sriram said...

>>I began to draw 's' like shapes in the air.<<

I once had a similar experience in lab Viva in electrical machines -1 lab. I want to say Shunt and that word kept eluding me. I was trying to remember it, said opposite of series, made a ckt diagram with the shunt connection and all the while the blasted faculty guy was telling, "adhaan pa, adhu peru sollu!" I wanted to say in Sivaji Ganesan style "Adhaan theriyaliye paaaaa" :P

Hari N Iyer said...

I guess my transformation is complete

** Thathasthu ... agreed .. one 100 %