Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Movie Review: Oceans 13: Horrible

After a boring morning, where I was left in the house with nothing to do, I was looking forward to a beach and a movie evening. It had rained. The weather looked pleasant. Unfortunately the wind factor in the beach sucked. The beach was as still as my bored out morning. So I wandered into City Center Mall, lifestyle and into Inox.

Oceans 13 turned out to be more boring than sitting alone at home with nothing to do. I wanted relaxation all right. But this movie was coma. This Brad Pitt and George Clooney say and do stuff that they think is cool. It is not. As usual 7 out of the 11, 12 or 13 people have no role. The first 30 minutes where a series of worthless events happen is extremely boring. In that 30 minutes they try and explain how difficult it is to steal this new casino. The reason for stealing is immaterial. They steal because we have all bought tickets to watch these people steal. In that 30 minutes, I lost interest on who was supposed to do what. I was waiting for the real movie to begin. I lost count of the number of people in Oceans 13 and just took the producer's word for it.

yew! all that pretentious cool acting left my stomach a little oozy. Unlike Oceans 11,the plot line is uninteresting, uncool, weak and far fetched. Since I didn't exactly buy tickets to watch Pitt and Clooney in designer suits, I was cheering for the very old lady who wandered around with half-exposed boobs. Al Pacino is so lame. All in all boredom ruled. Now, I envy the people who go to work.


I said...

idha dhan naan appove sonen

Victor Guerra said...

riview kagha Romba nandri, Hawkeye!

anush said...

are you coming back here at all ;)


Karthik Sriram said...

Yes - the movie wasa big letdown from O-11, but better than the crap they gave us as O-12!!

I think part -3 is jinxed or something - all part 3 so far have sucked majorly.