Friday, June 08, 2007

A Purposeful life

I have always maintained really high standards of work ethics, and work-life balance. I would like to be a living example of hard-work, dedication and sacrifice. I get up at 7:00AM. I spend 1 hour on filter kaapi, hindoo newspaper, and web browsing. Nowadays I go to Nungambakkam for 1 hour of tennis (for the past 2 days). I come back, take a shower and eat. 'Eat' is an understatement, I feast. Everyday, after I get up, I order all sorts of dishes which a team comprising of wife, mother, and grandmother reliably execute. After food, I eat at least 2 Banganapalli Mangoes.
Then comes the tough part. How do I spend the rest of my day? I browse TV channels for any available, gounder, vivek, and vadivelu comedy. Then for lack of anything better to do - I sleep. For four hours. Solid sound sleep. They say that sleeping in the afternoon is a healthy habit. It is very true. To get rid of the anxiety I tend to get from all this sleeping, I am greeted with much needed filter coffee, the moment I get up. In the evening, I am extremely busy. I usually take a walk around station road, usman road scavenging for some maanga-kaaram (unripe really unripe mangoes) and masala kadalai (masala ground nuts). Then I spend unaccounted number of hours in landmark, audio stores and *.plaza.
Buying a T-shirt is therapeutic. I agree. It relieves the great stress I go through everyday. If I don't go out, I spend valuable hours at home sitting and blankly staring at the wall. Very meditative. More importantly very productive. I have spent countless hours doing nothing and just staring at the wall. Let me give you all a piece of advise. Staring at the wall is a healthy excecise. Dear readers, do it, your life will change dramatically. My other hobbies, to distract myself from this hectic work schedule, include spending time on the beach, reading novels, and spending countless hours watching old ladies discuss politics to which I positively contribute by making useful comments that help them get more angry at their respective daughter-in-laws. Sometimes, I feel an overwhelming sense of national pride doing this service for my country.
I am very punctual. At the stroke of 8, I begin to search of Saravana Bhavan, Gangotree or any thing that is currently a trend. After hogging, I come back home for more Banganapallis. Usually a career-benefiting night show cinema is my top preference. If that is not possible, I'd settle for any cinema show on TV as an alternative. On some days some relative of mine, will happily oblige me by inviting me for dinner/lunch. Since I have lots and lots of pride, I never let them decide my menu. I spell it out clearly to them.
This is the story of my life. A life of austerity and sacrifice. Where I toil and toil and toil, sweat, spill blood and inch towards the dream of being like my hero. I hope all the sacrifices, I make is worth it in the end.


Macintosh said...

Ithuvallavaa vazhkai ...

Please find some time off your 'busy' schedule and try the 'Nei-podi' at the Kayendhi bhavan close to Brilliant Tutorials....

I said...

MP level ko pootaye.

anantha said...

Aaaha! Over ayya idhellam!

Saravanan said...

me reading this in office and my stomach is burning. Ungalukku madras la power cut vara.

Anu said...

So, in all these activities of yours, does your wife come into picture at all?
I need to have a word with her soon!


Anonymous said...

Athana mambazham udambukku nalladu illapa!

Anonymous said...

themaanga ku pottiya nee thamambazham title ku try panriya?!

Anonymous said...

enna kodumai sir ithu...romba poramaya irruku

Karthik.H said...

I have spent countless hours doing nothing

It's hard to do nothing because you won't know when you're done. ;)

Karthik said...

I come back after a few weeks to find your "busy" schedule. Nice.

Hope you are having a good time.

BTW, I would like to see you write about this or comment on this.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hahaa... that was hilarious!

hamsini said...

Nice life!:)

Sowmya said...

balachandar padam partha kooda ivlo thirupthiya irunthirukumo....

"ithu thanya vazhkai .." title pottu padam edutha enna nu thonarathu..

Sometimes, "doing things for nothing" produce the result of "getting something out of nothing" nu ayidarathu...

Very nice post with good narration and you know the art of screen play..

padikarappo karpanaiya manasula oru padame odiyachu..Enjoyed it :)

Nilu said...


ithu ivanukku over build up....avlo scene theva illa...

Hawkeye said...


sorri, chinna vvayasulernthe i say no to kaiyendhi bhavan.


vellore pattabhi level'ukku sollu


nee mattum san diego pogalam


sorri. no power cut in singara sennai


no - naan aal'a maathalamnu mudivu pannitten.


enakku sugar kammi. so i need it


avan muthi pona maanga. dubagoor


every second saturday go and pal thelichufy in muppathamman kovil.


laagic'laye adikaran sir


i heard that from a member himself. it happens in other clubs also.






thanku thanku thanku thanku. ignore the 'poramai pidicha psanga' avangulluku yen aalavu english theriyalainnu poraamai.


ennoda secratary'ku call pannu appointment book pannu. english grammar, logic, recursion ellam solli tharen.

Sowmya said...

Intha nilu aa engeyoo partha mathiri irukke...!!

Anonymous said...

Dia Maadu,
For all the wrong reason, I hope you get this life snatched away from you by having a kid. Wouldn't that be swell.
Austin Anu
(Yes, I do read your blogs. When I have NOTHING else to do)

Anonymous said...

Inda Nilu vera evanum ila. Blog posts oda adhoda comments section interesting a irukara blog vechurukaravan dan NILU.

anantha said...

Amam.. San Diego perusa illa madras perusa? Anga pona apparam onnoda thambi vitta sallai thaangala. Adhunaale dhana oru naalu auto pesi vechirukken!

WA said...

LOL you are in form, Madras seems to be doing you good :) Looking forward to loads more hawkeye