Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Religion - III

In the future, when researchers look back on religion and its evolution - People's habit of forcing their uninformed, half-baked, loose, incoherent and stupid religious opinions on hapless bystanders will be regarded as the chief reason for religion's unpopularity. People seem to hold just about any opinion on religion and thrust it on the nearby person. There seems to be no accountability at all. People have lost the ability to say "I don't know. I'll find out the correct thing and converse with you later". They seem to liberally borrow concepts and ideas from communism, democracy, science, 'post-modern' thought, IPC and use those concepts to define their religious opinions. It does not occur to them that religion might be mutually exclusive of all such things and in fact be the exact opposite of all that they know to be right.

But it does not matter to such people. My theory is that these people have arbitrary opinions on religion because holding a wrong opinion has no 'real' consequences. It is not as if they'd get an F grade or magically lose two fingers, every time they express a vague, nonsensical or wrong opinion. If people begin to witness disappearing body parts, loss of increments, F grades and duck-outs as a result of expressing incorrect opinions then I am pretty sure they'd think twice about even holding just about any opinion they fancy. They wouldn't say things like "In my mind it feels right and I feel strongly about it and so I can do it". After all, Physics teacher Mrs Selvarani would not take a kind view to a communist perspective on physics that says "I feel F = m/a because in my mind it feels right and I feel strongly about it. Multiplication and division are basically mathematical symbols. All symbols are equal and so there should be no distinction among these two". My theory is that most people can't hold strong opinions of their own on physics, chemistry, math (basically science and other modern fields) and because holding strong opinions is very sexy and appealing, people vent out their pent up frustrations by holding arbit opinions on religion. As a result any monkey that can hold an opinion seems to hold one on religion.

Not that there is anything terribly wrong about it. Its just funny when, sometimes, open-mindedness is so close-minded. I am reminded of some men who refuse to say "no! I dont know" when asked for directions and say just about anything. Forget the arrogance such people have in assuming that the listener is not aware of communisim, science and all other *.isms. At a minimum they should say something that is at least loosely based on a reference material within the field. If not, it is wise to accept ignorance and say "I don't know" or at the very least not try and thrust a cliched opinion on the listener.


Vee Cee said...

even better when a person with a particular viewpoint, which he/she desperately wants to share with you. said person automatically assumes that you have the opposite viewpoint and starts arguing with you. all because you made the mistake of just being around. much comedy ensues.

I said...

neradiya krish nu solli irukalam

Sakthivel said...

religion should be open sourced. open source is the way to go.. where someone takes an idea and either follows it, or modifies it to include his changes. these changes should be ratified by a central committee if deemed worthful enough.

this will eliminate all the dogmas in the world

Anonymous said...

very true..reminds me of a quote i read in RD years ago ...It is better to shut your mouth and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it!!!

Nilu said...

seri, ippo enna solla vara?

Hawkeye said...


my assumption is that the person is so insecure that even our presence challenges them


krish'kkum ithukkum sambantham illai. i rarely read him so i dont know what he is saying currently



what if the open source opinion increases dogmas?


athey athey


u asking for a point?

Nilu said...

No, I am seeking comprehension.

I said...

adhan kudukarangale aapis le.

Hawkeye said...

ithu arajagam - post'kku inga artham potta apporam post'ukku enna artham ?

Anonymous said...

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