Friday, June 22, 2007

Thathuvam - I

1. Overly emotional people and people who use anger and short-temper to channel their aggression will not make good, sensible decisions. Especially during crunch time. They are also not aggressive.
2. Overly religious people will find it hard to taste material success. The apparent contradictions that arise in their personalities as a result of their twin pursuits may prove very hard to reconcile. But not impossible.
3. Most, not all, overly religious people are overly emotional, short-tempered and prone to display anger. The few who don't are exceptions.


Thilak pratap selva kumar said...
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Thilak pratap selva kumar said...

Does this, by any chance, a result of the long discussion in confused's blog? vetti-payyal oda discuss panna ippidi daan thathuvam varum!