Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yelp Me!

1. Sometimes when people (including me) try to visit my blog, they are automatically redirected to some arbitrary web page (Like "earn your degree" etc). Has anybody else faced this problem? Is it because of the various add-ons that I have like the clock, blogstreet etc? Please to enlighten. (Thanks to the anon for prodding me out of the inertia and finally push me to try and solve this problem)
2. How do people use non-roman script in a blog? If I wanted to write in Devanagari or Thamizh, how would I go about doing it? Can I intersperse non-roman scripts with roman script in a single post? Please to tell?


Meera said...

hi hawkeye,
i'm radhika's(ur cousin)friend in chennai. Gotta know about ur blog through her.Really liked most of your posts.

Reg. the redirection of your blog page, yes, it does happen some times.Goes to or some weird ad stuff

Try for writing in thamizh ( I'm not sure if this is what you meant) You gotta type in english to get the thamizh equivalent.
hope that helps :-)

anantha said...

1. Yes. Me too directed elsewhere. One of the add-ons is doing this. Could be the clock. Don't think it is blogstreet though.

Zero said...

1. I've been redirected elsewhere too, sometimes. Like Anantha, I too have a hunch that the clock is the culprit. Removing it is what I'd suggest, it's a teenage blogger's thing to do anyway, and you're evidently not in that ballpark.

2. Read/write in Tamil.

E.D said...

hi hawkeye,

Try this firefox extension
that translates what you write in english into tamil. F2 changes the language between english and tamil. This works on almost all text fields and text areas except for the rich text areas found in blogs (but you can use the 'edit html' mode for creating tamil posts). Hope this helps.


Karthik Sriram said...

Hey doode,

yes the redirect does happen if I use IE. Check up on that!

And regarding typing in tamizh, I have not faced a problem - i type it in this webpage,
and I paste it in the blogpost - so far its worked.

Anonymous said...

do you know to write in tamil....LOL


vatsan said...

me directed elsewhere, but a refresh solves the problem

Blogeswari said...

is quite helpful, hawkeye

Karthik Sriram said...

The redirect is happening in Mozilla too!! :(

Sriram said...

There is a tamil editor developed by one of my friend. Check this out

Anonymous said...

Try eKalapai.

Saravanan said...

Bit late here.
Tamil Typing
If you are a Firefox user, then use tamil key with anjal key board. whatever you type in tanglish will get automatically converted to tamil unicode. its not perfect but works.

I dont see any redirects in Firefox or IE7.

nuvve said...

hi meera!

as you said , you were rite in saying abt quillpad,
you have to go this link,
this will peacefully help in converting english into tamil
this is very peaceful in giving long articles within short time , hope you will have fun i typing and enjoy maadi!!!

Arunk said...

Hawkye is yet another possibility for typing in english and getting it to generate Indic languages i.e. Devanagiri, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu etc. (and yes this is a shameless self promotion :). Athough intended for a specific purpose, it should fit for general usage to. Once you generate the Indic text should be able to copy and paste to your blog.

You can certainly mix English with Indic. However, for a person seeing your blog to see things right. their system (and browser) would need to be configured for reading Indic scripts. Some default support is indeed there - so it usually works for many computers. This link talks about how to enable it if needed: