Sunday, July 08, 2007


For some reason avar friendly neighborhood MI-6 agent seems to bite the head of co-host Alan Wilkins ( not Brian Langley) for no reason at all. Somehow there seems to be an underlying feeling that Alan ain't a Tennis player and so he does not get 'it'. So at any given instance our man contradicts him and snubs him. He is not letting even innocent jokes go by and seems (or pretends) to take everything literally. After yet another successful Nadal challenge and call-overrule, Wilkins says "a millimeter", more in awe rather than in a complaining tone. Avar man says "its IN, whether it is by a millimeter, centimeters, 2 centimeters" and goes on into the decimeter level of the units system until Wilkins says "point taken". Vijay has usually been, what people call, a 'happy camper'. Something biting our man or is he just playing hard to pull a prank on Wilkins?
Note: I'm stuck in cave man age so confused the name - thanks Nanda Kumar.


Arksantos said...

Dude you are awesome... you wrote about Amithraj, instead of writing about the tennis. Hilarious.... thats why I like reading your blog. :)

Tashi said...

I'll never tire of Amritraj saying 'I say!'. Makes me laugh every single time.

Nandakumar said...

Are you sure its Brian Langley not Alan Wilkins . i remember Brian Langley to be long dead now !!