Monday, July 30, 2007

Poovar Resort

The main reason for going to this resort, I guess, is to get cut off from the world and relax. There is really nothing much to do there. My only target everyday was to get up before evening and try and get out of the room while sunlight was still around. Typically you'd find young couples visiting this resort. My first day there was really funny. The place is already so beautiful that you feel you are part of some dream sequence. On top of it everywhere you see, there are couples holding hands and walking slowly, couples sitting near the swimming pool and nuzzling each other like newly born kittens. Things are almost in slow motion and where ever you see, couples are walking in slow motion looking dreamily into each others eyes. It looked like some weird love city shown in Star Trek, where people have been put into a trance by an interfering Klingon vessel. After the first day all this hyper-romantic ambiance became rather dull. I was almost praying for someone to put 'Saroja saaman nikalo' song and start doing some macho stuff. Of course, I quickly developed a hobby, where I'd remark to my wife as to who among these couples was a 'thallikinu vantha case' (not-married-but-affair variety). There was one couple, much to the annoyance and grudging acceptance of my wife, I was pretty sure of. The girl looked like one of those hot bollywood thingies. Well endowed and a veritable cross between (well I don't know any recent names so I'll guess) Bipasha Basu and Rakhi Sawant. She was skimpily dressed to boot. Sometimes my wife was concerned that I'd fall into the swimming pool, while walking and drooling at her. Her guy was 700 times older than her and was a cross between Kumari-muthu and an Urukai from middle-earth. I felt this hot-chics-marry-dorks was stuff best left to theoretical conversations and I didn't prefer to see a manifestations of it walking around. I did not appreciate the guy asking me for directions and 'cheapest taxi to Kovalam beach'.

This resort is in an island, about 1 hour car drive away from Trivandrum. The pre-paid taxi ride from airport to the resort is Rs 600. You get off the Taxi at a ferry pick-up point and the resort provides a free boat ride from there onwards (provided you spend more than Rs 450/day in their premises). We went to this resort during off-season (season is between November and March). This was a risk, it could have rained and made things messy, but it didn't and that was extremely lucky for me. It rained there the minute I flew back to Madras. Poovar is a very comfortable, luxurious resort bordering on 5 star quality. I would tell you the details on room rate etc, but I went there as a Club Mahindra guest, so I have no clue. However, I can safely say it should be bloody expensive.

There is a massage center there, which I will describe in great detail in my next post. There is an excellent swimming pool. Very neat and the water doesn't reek chlorine. We spent most of our time floating around in a near empty swimming pool, sitting idly in the beach and going for those ferry rides into back waters. As much as it is the purpose of the place, that is all that is there to do in Poovar. Things get remarkably slow in Poovar. I was told that there would be variety entertainment and other fun stuff during season time. The most awesome thing in this place was a carom board. I hadn't touched this for many years and relished playing it for hours together. The resort staff also play beach volley ball, literally 5 meters from the beach. They invite you to join them and that is fun. On the how-to-spend-time part, although I was a bit negative about it - is not to be under estimated. The Beach and the ferry rides around the island are a dream. The sights and settings are awesome. On the whole this may not be as awesome as Kumarkom, but it has its moments. Its a good place to go as a couple. The batteries are recharged. When you start getting cold stares and sharp rebukes for eating junk food, watching too much TV, burping loudly, sleeping 3 hours in the afternoon and in general venturing to her parents house in shorts - its time to go to a resort like Poovar. It immunizes you from cold stares and angry words for at least 100 junk food outings, 70 burps and for the next four years you can watch so much cricket that you don't need to shut off the TV until every expert commentator in the post game show shuts up. You could even visit your in-laws in komanam and its all forgiven. Of course, Kumarakom gets you more mileage in the same way being a real 'chamathu' husband will get you mileage. Okay I digress.

If you had noticed I mentioned the word island a few times. Poovar, is an interesting resort which is located in an island on the backwaters of Kerala. On three sides, the island is covered by backwaters that flow around it like a river. However, the side facing the sea, is most interesting. There is the sea and then some shore-sand sort of thing that makes up for a superb beach. Behind the sand flows the back water and then the behind the back water is the island. So, if you are standing on the beach, you have water on your front and on your back, which is quite awesome. The resort has a swimming pool (bar attached) and its own restaurant. The resort has about 200 rooms and many boat houses. When I went there only 20 odd rooms were occupied. 99% of the rooms had a hammock. I love hammocks. If you know what the title of this blog means, you'd know if mine had one or not. The restaurant is very expensive. Breakfast is 150/person and the other two food sessions cost 300/person. The variety is not awesome and sometimes you wonder if there is a cheaper restaurant somewhere in the middle of the sea.

Not that I wrote this post to make some sort of a conclusion, but just to put things in perspective - there are many positive points to this resort. But treat it for what it essentially is. A getaway place. Having said that, I also have to say that it needn't be a complete getaway place. Given the availability of cell phone towers, it is connected. There was evidence of it with some people, overly engrossed in their office work, were struggling to disconnect. They were 'arey yaar'-ing into their mobiles to find out if their yaars had 'file bhej diya kya?". Its not the best sight seeing, scenic place in Kerala. We planned it for 3 days. Its optimal. Anything more and you might start plucking strands of hair from your head to pass time.


Babu said...

machi semmai ensoy panituirukee aiyee..good enjoy as much as u can cos when u r back Priya wud be in the other side of the continent ;-)

Arvind said...

Never heard of the place before. Sounded like a place I would've visited except for the part about the food! Gotta have more food choices and good food! Lots of places in Kerala do, and I'm just a sucker for that :)
I do enjoy finding out about new places though, so definitely welcome more reports from interesting places you've been!

Sharique said...

Just a small suggestion from a regular reader of your blog- Please change paragraphs often so as to make it easy for for a lazy like me to read.

Karthik Sriram said...

Was missing your brand o humor and you made it up in the first paragraph.... BTW what is an urukai?


Arvind said...

It is Tolkien-speak for the LOTR readers.. :)

I said...

jqYou need a break from what? getting up at 11 AM? nalla iru.

Gayathri said...

I've been there!! I've been there!!
In the Man Sarovar resort. Beautiful place. Three days is too much for me. You mentioned what I found fascinating about that place. The sea, the sand, the backwaters and the island. God's own country!

Saravanan said...

bharath, neenga rest eduthe tired aagdivinga pola irukke. etho nalla iruntha sari thaan

Hawkeye said...


that is true. inime long distance calls thaan. sux.


i heard it for the first time too. there was just one restaurant monopolising the resort. And since the resort was far away from civilization - no decent restaurants too.


yes i will. sorry about that.


urukhai are like orcs. but even more bad. they work of saruman/mordor (lord of the rings)


danks :-)


I get up at 5:30 AM everyday when in madras.


i agree. kerala is very beautiful and neat.


apporam tired aanathukku rest eduka vendaama - ippadiyum oru infinite loop.

Deepa said...

Yup nice place, we went there as a gang just for a evening (thought it was some tourist spot like the many beaches in Kerala).
No comments on the attire of people working there from you?
Best part was the boating back in the dark, with a full moon behind. Oh Oh only then i felt it was God'd country, such a beauty..

Karthik Sriram said...

Ayyo! I tried reading LOTR - But gave up at the point at which Frodo runs away from his uncles house in search of him. I liked the movies though - but I forgot the keywords! Thanks for the knowledge though!


Hawkeye said...


you talking about the red towel tied around the waist? a cross between church father and mela kaaran.


read it. its fun.

John said...

Thanks for the kind words and the plug. Much appreciated.