Monday, July 09, 2007

TVS Sport

TVS, many years ago, made just one vehicle in this model. After they made it, they laid-off every worker who worked on this vehicle, executed all the executives, the sales people ran away and admitted themselves into gunaseelam, the marketing people jumped into Mylapore tank. Then they burnt all the design documents and buried any piece of scrap metal, pertaining to the model, that remained. Even some of the Televisions that showed the TVS Sport Advt were burnt or thrown into the sea on Ganesh Chathurthi day.
My wife, many years ago, purchased that one vehicle.
My kostin to TVS is "Aren't you satisfied with the taaarchar your school students from marudhai are causing? Do you have to make vehicles like this?"


Karthik Sriram said...

LOL - is the vehicle so bad?

It was released when I was in 12th and i wanted to get it - good thing i didnt and waited two more years to get a bike!

Venkat said...

Hey Barath: I went to TVS. Wait till you get to Seattle for some taarchar :)

Ram Prasadh said...

If TVS made TVS sport Bajaj too had one useless vehicle under its belt.
Bajaj -Saffire.
Unfortunately I was one of the owner of the vehicle and incidentally belonged to the same family :-)

But BS-ku TVS-spot evalo mael.

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