Friday, August 17, 2007

Jo's Baby: Update

Outside of Mega Serials, Thamizh women have had another major occupation for the past year or so. The obsession with Jyothika's pregnancy. This comes after Aishwarya Rajinikanths pregnancy saga and historians 5000 years from now will date it prior to Shalini's pregnancy story. Jo's 9-10 months was followed with utmost attention to detail. Wherever I went in India, almost every village I visited, I heard at least 1 conversation on Jyothika. Maamis, achis, Goundachis were all concerned if she would do her seemandham in xyz style or abc style. She was quoted several times as the perfect thamizh penn (he he) for having a baby before her first wedding day. Magazines were filled with reports on how many archanais, Sivakumar did for the baby and how 'emotionally touched' Jo became. And then a week before her actual delivery there was a fake sms that went screaming into every college kid's cell phone and told everybody that she actually had twins. This soon sent all the ladies into a technical discussion on whether her stomach looked big enough for two. This fake sms reminded me of the fake 'president/governor/PM died' news we got during board exams.
Finally she delivered a baby girl. Once the nagging issue of naming her baby is resolved, the world will be at peace again. The dosai will fall on the plates of Tamil Nadu men without a 30 minute lecture on Jo's morning sickness. This is until Shalini delivers a baby. Thamizh Naadu must be given an award for still managing to pump out maximum number of engineers/ year to India's work force despite all these wonderful distractions. I challenge Andhra to focus on Mahesh Babu's wife's pregnancy and still get the work done.
Edit: Although since she was born on Friday on 'Adi Puram', several people feel that she should have been named 'Rajalakshmi' or 'Kothai' or 'Aandal'. I am sure y'all agree that this is way more hep than 'Diya'.


Ganeshbabu said...
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Anonymous said...

OMG... cant beleive they have a community for this... seriosly... I'm in utter disbelief....god save Tamizhnadu and India....

sreekrishnanv said...


The Schedule
Aish's pregnancy In Northindia
Shalaini in TN
Mahesh Babu - probably in Andhra !!

anantha said...

So you still don't know what the baby's name is? Really? Even I know, at this point!

Anonymous said...

baby's name is Dhiya

rads said...

lol! Telugus shall lose gracefully, coz this is way outa their league ;-D

Deepa said...

Ada paavigala.....

WA said...

LOL. Would I be counted as a non tamil now, since I didn't know that she had a baby or even that she was expecting a baby. Man what kind of family do I have, oru phone pottu yaarume sollale enakku indha vishayatha

Anonymous said...

me too. i didnt know they were expecting a baby... i feel

I said...

diya is moslem name adha gavani

Deepa said...

Hey that was news for me too.. so bad I had not known such an imporant news !! LOL

Ram said...

did you notice?

Surya, Jothika and Diya all refer to some form of light?


rads said...

ohmy Ram, that was a cool discovery! Nice - a well-lit, enlightened family :)

Hawkeye said...

ganesh babs,

there is a community for far worser things.


aish pregnancy is at another abnoxious level. Jo' is a poor competitor


i knew it because of the orkut community


danks :-)


just wait until mahesh babu or shriya have a baby.


athaan paaren.

wa, anon, deepa,

thanks for making me feel I have high quality readership :-)


diya is also a hindoo name. my friend's kid is named that


kalakite poo. thats a good observation

In Want of Being Me said...

Lol. Makkal suthamaa vela vettiyea illam ayuduvaanganu nenachi kooda orkut community. God save us.

Like the subtle sarcasm in you writings, well sometimes not so subtle too :)

..and interesting observation about the relevance to light :) Nice :)

kuttichuvaru said...

Mahesh Babu n Namrata Shidodkar already had a baby boy last yr..... i knw tat pretty well coz the baby was born on my bday ;-)

Anonymous said...

See this.


Krish Ashok said...

Becaas aaf the conjunction of Saturn in exaltation with the Puram of Adi, the baby should have been named Meenalochanamangalasundari, but has instead been given the numerologically unsound name of Dhiya.

anantha said...

Hawkeye: I heard of it from someone who heard it from the grandfather!

Anonymous said...

hey all,

u guys too have no other work is it, to comment on her delivery.

Light revelation was told by Surya himself, so Ram didn't discover anything