Monday, August 13, 2007

On Absent-mindedness

Bhagavathas inside Sathyanarayana temple became curious and mildly amused upon seeing person walk in, do pradakshanam and start praying to idols. Well, the guy forgot to remove his helmet. Either Hanuman, was also amused by a space-masked alien praying to him and decided to wake him up from his bhakti or the increased intensity of giggles and curious stares alerted his 6th sense - He realized the oddity and quickly pulled out the helmet. Then he looked around, sporting a sheepish grin, to check if others had noticed him. Unfortunately, for him, everybody had already erupted into laughter.


rads said...

lol, seriously? :D

Hawkeye said...

yes :-). I stopped and kept looking at him from the moment he entered to the time he pulled his helmet out.

Sowmya said...

i thought the guy was you!

Anu said...

Are you back from your vacation?


I said...

vacation tendulkar career maari mudiyave mudiyadhu polarikke

Hawkeye said...


no, no. onli walk no bike. plus i never wear helmet :-)


ya :-(


vacation over.

Deepa said...

Even I thought it was you.