Friday, August 03, 2007

On Theory of Relativity

A few years ago, I decided to write the CAT exam. So I enrolled in this IMS coaching class. During the class it felt like everybody around me were half my age. I neither could understand their jokes nor their language. I was constantly reminded of the dialog from the drama 'meesai aanalum manaivi' where Mr. 'I am Ramanujam' - 'I am Ramanujam' - says "anga irukaravanga ellam enna yei kezhava'ngara mathiri asingama paathanga" (People there looked at me derisively thinking I was an old man). I quietly kept my identity under wraps and incognito moved with 19-20 year olds. Made some friends too. They looked at me with awe because I was part of the work force. Plus I had developed a reputation for being good with synonyms for arbit words. Once in a while, the lecturer would ask a meaning for a particular word and when no one answered it, she would point to me and ask the meaning. I'd promptly say it and mock echoes of 'thalai' would greet me. At the time I didn't know that 'thalai' (head) had something to do with actor Ajith, I was thankful that they didn't call me 'perusu' (oldie).

Today, a combination of circumstances saw me walk into a lecture on Brahma Sutras. This was a convoluted, complicated subject and I felt the book wasn't enough and some supplemental verbal explanation was required. My grandma and her brother were attending a class on this and I decided to be a guest student. When I walked into the room, I felt that - if you divided the age of the youngest person in the room by 1 million, I would still be younger than that number by about 3 million years. The sharpest eye among them couldn't see beyond 2 Milli meters and they had to hold the book inside their eyelids. Some of them were born before dinosaurs lived on earth. Many had seen Ramayana live and were on a 'vaa da po da' basis with Rama. I looked like a superman among these people. As incredible as it sounds, in that group, I was faster than speed of light, I had 'laser' vision which could penetrate everything except lead. All those people looked at me with some curiosity. At the end of the lecture, the lecturer pointed to me and said "kutti paiyan vanthirukkan, unakku ithellam ethavthu puriyartha'pa kuzhanthai" (a small boy has come, do you understand any of this child). I safely said 'no'. Didn't want to even say 'sort of'. If he had asked me to repeat what I 'sort of' learned to the oldie crowd I have no clue what I would have done. Everybody laughed at my answer and said 'in time you will understand'.


Bhavani said...

//Many had seen Ramayana live and were on a 'vaa da po da' basis with Rama.//
Rofl :)

Nilu said...

If you have said something and believe it's funny, you shouldn't try and repeat it 65492309853 times just to make sure everyone gets it. Now, we don't even know if that was funny and just feel insulted.

Hawkeye said...




maybe you should read this

brevity is a segment. Repeating stuff 65492309853 times is a segment.

finally ellam bramai. ellam segmentation.

Sachita(india) said...

"'vaa da po da' basis with Rama.// "

A gem.
Thank God, I did not read this in office.

Meanwhile, previous postwas too much. I wouldn't mind getting tired like that.

MLC said...

yenna hawkeye? have u moved to m'ras for good? do u have plans of coming bck at all??? this seems to be like a REALLY long vacation!! (ofcourse, i'm "J")

Deepa said...

MLC, after MBA in Ross, even if he wants to he cant go to Chennai right away.

Hawkeye said...


you dont know. cold cough, no sleep, back ache, travel - sometimes you want to spend 3 months in an a/c bedroom.


no other vazhi. have to come back


avalavu kadan pattirukken to ross for making me go back (u can understand it any which way :-) ).

Bullshee said...

vaa daa podaa basis with Rama!!Ha ha ha ha!!Thats an awesome one liner!Beware! you may see it plagarised soon!! :D