Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cult Wars

The Ram Sethu controversy has got to be the biggest stage for cult wars after the vi Vs Emacs editor wars.

People from the scientific cult use words like 'scientific evidence', 'fiasco', 'archeology' and other half-baked knowledge on archeology to back their awesome claims. These cult members worship their bible, some arbitrary book by Richard Dawkins, and got all offended when the book was insulted by the religious cult. Some commerce students who didn't know any science also claimed to be extreme believers and called everybody else kafirs. A few even called religious cult members "bigots, who were close minded". Whereas a group of religious people just finished sacrificing a goat to the 'ellai deivam' Aiyyanar in Thendiruperi Aiyyanar Koil and sharpened their ballot paper finger for next year's elections.

Both cults are reportedly very happy with the claim that their bible is the complete authority on everything that happens in the world. At least my friend S.K Karthik quickly got to the essence when threw the cricket bat at the guy, who claimed vi was better, and shouted "my code always compiles when I write in Emacs. So it is much much better".
P.S: The question religious fundamentalists need to ask themselves is (a) did Valmiki walk all the way to Rameswaram, put on a divers suit(or snorkelling kit), inspect the sediment formation and then incorporate the bridge into his fantasy fiction novel or (b) did he just make up the bridge for the heck of it and it was the sediments, who read Valmiki Ramayana and exactly decided to congregate in that very spot where Valmiki said the bridge was built.
P.S2: The bridge wasn't man made and so (b)


I said...

Valmiki ramayanam is out of syllabus for a thamizh. kamba ramayanam is our bible.

Spunky Monkey said...

The rest of us stick to Valmeeki Ramayanam and go with option B, for the mere reason that I refuse to believe there was either a diver's suit or snorkeling kit. For that reason, and that reason alone, it has to be B.

Anonymous said...


you do understand that hawkeye's joke was on the scientifi community, do you?

Anonymous said...

notepad in windows is the best.
Actually Hawkeye's joke was on himself because I didn't understand what he wrote. Or may be the joke's on me.

Anonymous said...

Both vi and Emacs suck. There are only for old school romantics of unix.

Try textmate, but you have to use MacOS for that. Its the best editor there is in the entire milky way.

Babu said...

how many editors have you used to declare textmate is the best?

Have you tried personalizing Xemacs?

Anonymous said...


Sollunga sir. Kaettukkuren.

I said...

N.Ram is the worst editor. case closed.

padma said...

what a blog!!!ithanda blog!!!

Spunky Monkey said...

@anon - erm, never mind. really.

R said...

Lets consider the composition of "Thirupaavai" by Andal... specifically paasuram 4 that starts with "Azhi mazhai kanna...".

a) Could it be that she did extensive research and had excellent scientific knowledge about the water cycle?

b) did the water cycle decided to be that way, since her verses were composed that way?

IMHO, when its a question of faith, man-made or not, its just better to leave such things alone.

Anonymous said...

valmiki got to know about the land mass connecting to two regions just like how columbus heard about the rich Indian sultans. neither of them had to snorkel or be a smartass.
the land mass in question was a lot more prominent (i.e, visible and easily accessible) just a few hundred years ago. there have been records of people crossing them on foot. so it's no coincidence that this guy incorporated it in his story. kaaka ukkara panam palam vilundha kadhai dhan.

Anonymous said...

>> there have been records of people crossing them on foot

aiyyaiyoo . the ASI is going to disagree with this.

Dont know how anybody can say clearly that something is not man made. i would like to see ASIs research here. Surely there must be several unproven hypothesis involved

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for quite a while.
I was expecting a post about T20. Is it on the anvil??