Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dear Office Going People - II

A person who interviewed and recommended that I be hired for my first ever job, saw my previous post and sent me a link to an awesome article echoing similar sentiments. This sort of makes me believe that he hired me out of jealousy or sadistic pleasure of destroying my free life, more than anything else :-)

While it starts with a threatening

The life of recent college graduate Jeremy Fahey was forever changed earlier this month when the once outgoing and carefree student succumbed to a job offer at a local insurance claims firm, an unforeseen and tragic event that will most likely keep him confined to an office chair for the rest of his life.

It gets more dire and scary

According to several eyewitnesses at the scene, the impact of Fahey's full-time employment was so sudden and crushing that it has left the former high school track star paralyzed in front of his work computer screen ever since.

Fahey, who according to the article "now spends most days trapped inside a windowless cubicle, and only leaves his office chair in order to use the bathroom" is like my soul mate. He has my empathy, sympathy and sabapathy (and infact my umapathy also)when he says "It's funny: One minute you have your entire future ahead of you, and the next thing you know, you practically need someone to drag you out of bed in the morning."

Some of the mega *.pathy sentiments that this author shares with Fahey are

1. Fahey admitted that he has been forced to abandon a number of his favorite activities, from jogging in the park to just kicking his feet up and watching daytime television.

2. Claims to have lost "all sense of purpose" due to this harrowing turn of events, is already finding it difficult to remember a time when he "didn't feel completely numb."

3. He has become almost entirely dependent on computers to communicate with those around him.

The only thing that bugs me is that I don't have even a rakhi sister who says

"Jeremy had such a bright future—he could have gone on to do anything he wanted," said Michelle Fahey, who claimed that she almost didn't recognize her brother. "To see him like this now, in that button-down dress shirt and those pleated slacks, it's almost too much to bear."

Well, as they say its all a bloody conspiracy

"Sometimes I imagine what a relief it would be if I just gave up all together, if I never had to deal with another weekday ever again," Fahey said. "But then I think about my school loans and my credit card debt, and I know I have no choice but to keep going."


Babu said...

ha ha ha..Good one....Sadistic human pleasure aiyeeee..If I suffer you suffer tooo....

I said...

idhukku dhan velaya ututu TV pakanum engiradhu.

Karthik Sriram said...

I hate work, I wanna win the lottery!


Anonymous said...

aiyyo pavvam jeremy...