Sunday, September 16, 2007


Kaatrin Mozhi Oliyaa Isaiyaa
Poovin Mozhi Niramaa Manamaa
Iyarkaiyin Mozhigal Purinthuvidil
Manitharin Mozhigal Thevaiyillai
Idhayathin Mozhigal Purinthuvidil
Manitharukku Mozhiye Thevaiyillai

P.S: "Valley" is an appropriate word to use beneath the name. Really it so is.


Anonymous said...

ithula kavithai vera :-)

"hi speed"

The Rt Hon VS Srinivasa Sastri said...

It may be a worthwhile endeavour to investigate into the etymology of the word Cuckoose. This is no mean a matter, and it has caused much constipation to pundits pondering over it.

sreekrishnanv said...

semma catchy name !!

Vi said...

Good movie too, I thought. Hilarious, actually.