Monday, September 10, 2007

Ram Gopal Varma.

You know, when people talk about over hyped directors, RGV comes to my mind, first. Yes! he was good once upon a time. He was so promising with Udayam (shiva), Kshana Kshanam, Antam, Drohi, and showed signs of his old in Satya, Company and Kaun. He wrote the story for Thiruda Thiruda, many people didn't like it, but I loved it. All was good until the stupid Rangeela came about. After that pathetic movie that ran on Rahman's music and Urmila's thighs RGV fell apart. His nonsense movies began with Rangeela and then we got Daud, Mast, Jungle, Bhoot, Naach, Shiva, Darna Zaroori hai, Nishabd, Aag, and Darling. A director who has given so many bad movies shouldn't be called great anymore.
What I hated most was his self-professed style of writing the script and dialog while shooting was in progress and doing the P. Vasu thing of making 3 movies at a time and generally smelling his fart too much. It was as if he was so full of himself. Even Sarkar, which was his tribute to Godfather fell far (far far) short of Nayagan, if you factor in time, technology and audience maturity. And he is removing whatever good taste Sarkar left in our mouths with Sarkar-2. Critics of Manirathnam should just start following RGV for a while and get a perspective on how to rate Mani over time.
Infact Amithabh/RGV combination is sort of made-for-each-other. Its an explosive combination of overhype, past-the-sell-by-date, over-exposure and nonsense. Outside of death, if anything can stop Amithabh from acting its RGV induced exit.


GasquetFan said...

yeah I agree. His earlier telugu movies were wonderful. I guess he took Ayn Rand too seriously.

Sowmya said...

meeru telugu movies kooda choostharaa?

summa solla koodaadhu...nanna thittara nee.

Anonymous said...

Right on!!! Well said....

Arvind said...

I had no idea that RGV had anything to do with it, but I did enjoy "Thiruda Thiruda".

Jillu Madrasi said...

super review kannu

Sachita(india) said...

I don't care about the RGV part. But Amitabh in this age has been good for hindi films. I can't imagine a Cheeni kum or a Nishabd or a khakee being made otherwise. Except for him every other hero past his prime is still running around in trees. Atleast he is doing roles his age which atleast mean we get to see wee bit different stories.

Yes, it is hard to spot a hindi film either in presence or his voice - that;s annoying i agree.

rads said...

True, I liked his earlier movies. I guess he got a lil soft in his head as days went by..

Anonymous said...

Well Can't compare Mani Ratnam and RGV.

But I was a great Fan of Maniratnam Pre-Alaipayuthey..Post-AP He was going down... He had good hits even after that.. once he started going behind those Hindi idiots..(dil se included) I started Hating him... and yes he sucked after Uyire(Dil se)... Kannathil Muthamital was good... And well thats just my opinion...

- Ganesh

GasquetFan said...

RGV is Howard Roark of cinema. Somewhere there's a woman (I forgot her name) admiring him and his pictures and making love to him. Perhaps its Urmila.

sreekrishnanv said...

Nach paathathu apprum i decided RGV padatha 100th day la thaan papaen nu ... i took an exception to watch Sarkar aana mosam - as you said not even 1/2 good as Nayagan was.

Jillu Madrasi said...

aana why this thideer RGV retrospective?

GasquetFan said...

But why compare Maniratnam and RGV? Maniratnam was romantic and subtle, i think. RGV was a little in the face realistic. The only reason I can think of is that you are a Maniratnam fan and feel good about RGV losing it so you can now claim that Maniratnam is the best.

Unfortunately its not correct. The only master of commercial movies is Karan Johar. In telugu, rajamouli and in tamil, Dharani. And I hate all of them and love Maniratnam because I don't always love the best, which is obvious from my handle.

GasquetFan said...


I don't a lot about other heroes, but Amitabh ran around trees too as late 1999 in Lal Badshaah. He was 57 at that time according to imdb.

And Rajnikanth, again according to imdb, is 7 years younger. So you do the math and tell me whats the big difference between Rajnikanth and Amitabh?

Besides his Lal Badshaah was a thundering flop. He doesn't do those roles so that you get to see different stories. He's doing it to survive in the industry, which helps us and him too. But its definitely a comedown for a star. Imagine Tom Cruise now taking up a role in Blair witch project. Amitabh is a goner as a big box office draw. Whether he is a great actor or not is immaterial.

I said...

amitabh is not a good actor. not even as good as Y.G.Mahandran, who by the way is among the worst.

Hawkeye said...


I guess so. He talks too much. something he should do less. wipe that heavy metal band attitude off.


my grad-engineering roommates in OSU saw Inspector Bhavani 60 times.

> summa solla koodaadhu...nanna thittara nee.

:-) ellam pondatti kitternthu kathukarthu thaan.




ya i think he wrote the story. in telegu there was a nagarjuna sridevi movie with similar/better storyline.




he just needs to be more infrequent in his apperance. at some point the dilution of his brand has to hurt more than his salary.


really really soft.


pre-AP dilse, bombay was bad.




then u wont see aag :-)


all because of aag


no. i will not let anyone put somebody below YGM. YGM is rock bottom.

Juvvi said...

Enna I saar,

Isn't YGM brahmin? Edukku same side goal podringo?

I said...

Juuvi, saadhigal illayadi paapa, kadhava podadi thaapa.

YGM is a bad actor, a brahmin iyengar actor but a bad one nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

Machi, I kinda liked Bombay... remember we all went to udayam for that movie.... :-)

- Ganesh

Bharath said...

Interesting post!!! A famous saying "Dont bite more than you can chew" is applicable to both the mentioned people here...

Saw ur blog for the first time today.Read some of ur old blogs...summa kalakirukka po!!!Keep up good work...

Jillu Madrasi said...

OK -- I thought nee sneak preview of new Sholay paathu veruthitaio--nu.

Hawkeye said...

juvvi & I,

brahmin jokes are the easiest to make and that audience easy to capture. YGM is a loser is this level 1 market itself. I cant see him appear even remotely interesting to any kind of larger audience.

in 'asatha povathu paaru' in vijay TV people like Devakottai Ramanathan, Siv Karthikeyan are far more talented than YGM. the pulse of their jokes is accurate.

whenever i see sakalakala vallavan, i go mad. ivanellam oru manushan, ithellam oru joke. even his children wont laugh at his jokes.


and saw it sitting in the first row. Devi paradise :-)


danks for reading. welcome to salamiya. vaanga kaataren.


aag = sholay, no?

Juvvi said...

But Hawkeye,

I remember that reading somewhere in your blog that you are from DAV. I thought YGM haters are mostly from PSBB because he may robbed them of their wonderful childhood with stupid speeches during morning assemblies and other award functions. Otherwise YGM is too insignificant to be hated, really.

Sridhar Visvanath said...

Gasquet fan had not idea of who Howard Roark is...I guess...

Even though people went to Rangeela for Urmila...Aamir is wonderful in the movie and his comical timing is awesome...

His delivery in black ticket scene and his "Dabba Gul" Mumbayya delivery is great...