Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore

Simpsons on outsourcing to India. There is a reason why Simpsons is simply one of the best shows of all time. Brilliant.


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hahahha!! Brilliant... thanks for linking to it :)

Juvvi said...

House MD is simply the best show I have seen. Simpsons is not bad though.

Karthik Sriram said...


Yeah this is one helluva episode... Did you see the Li'l G.W Bush series which comes right after Southpark (BTW, u see SP?)? I just saw one episode - but - man, does it rock? They have totally gone after cheney and bush.....


Ram said...

outstanding indeed!

@Juvvi -- How is House MD comparable to Simpsons? They're in different leagues right?

Juvvi said...

Both are TV shows. And only one can have my time. So they are comparable.

Babu said...

Ahaaa Juvi for once I agree with u....not in comparing but House being one of the Best shows.....I love it tooo

Hawkeye said...


my pleasure


no show beats simpsons.


nope havent seen it.

juvvi (and ram),

animal planet has a documentary on bees at the same time as simpsons, your sexy nighbor undreses in front of the window, anu malik gives a speech on originality and creativiity, kid needs a diaper change, - all when simpsons is on TV; does that mean they are all comparable ? ennaba ithu? need a higher bar, i say.



Juvvi said...

Yes Mr.Hawkeye. Everything is comparable. After all I am the consumer here. There are a few things that might stop me from watching House MD every Wednesday (Australia shows it 8 days later), but I will always remember to check it on a rerun. There have been disappointing episodes, but House MD's worst episode is preferable to best in Simpsons, for me.

But Simpsons is not bad though. I see it when I have nothing to do.