Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pokkiri - Dole Dole: Telugu Vs Thamizh

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So, this summer when I went to India, I dialled my uncle's cell number. Instead of a familiar dialing/ringing tone, I heard carnatic music. MBK at that. So, I learned that people can not only set ring tones for the benefit of the callee and people near the callee's phone, but they can also set a ring tone that the caller can hear. If the cell phone companies can somehow make the people around the caller listen to that ring tone, they would have made sure all the worlds involved in that call is covered. This dog, Babs/OzDude had set 'Dole Dole' as his incoming ring tone. I had never heard that song before and given the number of times I called him, the song wormed into my head. I ended up listening to the song 5000 time since then. One day I listened to this song for 5 hours continuously again and again. And then 10 more times in TV.

'Dole Dole' song is from a movie called Pokkiri. Music is by Mani Sharma. Pokkiri is soon to be made into Hindi. The Hindi version will be directed by Prabhu Deva with Salman in the lead. Pokkiri in Telugu, directed by Puri Jagannadh, was the original and first movie among the Pokkiri series. A bloody good movie at that ( I have the Telugu DVD lying at home). I was so impressed with the Telugu version. Pokkiri was remade in Thamizh with Prabhu Deva as director. Prabhu Deva made an incredibly stylistic movie with jazzy camera work. The Thamizh movie starred Vijay. But the overall flow, feel and impact of the Thamizh movie was considerably poorer than its Telugu counterpart. The Telugu movie was also stylishly made and technically good. Prabhu Deva might have assumed that it was the style + technique that made the Telugu version click, and unfortunately worked only on exceeding the Telugu movie in style, while falling way behind in substance. Both movies were huge hits but the Telugu one is a mega mega mega hit in the history of Telugu cinema. I frankly did not like the Tamizh movie.

One aspect where I dont agree that the Thamizh versions lags in - is the picturization of the excellent 'Dole Dole'. This is an excellent song, awesome in fact. This was picturized stylishly in Telugu and it had a very very handsome and stylish Mahesh Babu do a so-so dance with the absolutely gorgeous Illeana. The problem with the Telugu video was that it was too slow. Did not fit the rapid pace/tempo of the song. Prabhu Deva's subtle choreography techniques and editor Anthony's, now patented, frame transition technique makes the Thamizh version zippy and really cool. Vijay, though not even in the same ballpark as Mahesh Babu in terms of looks or style, is at least a much better dancer. Even though almost every step he does is a complete copy of an old MJ dance ( thanks to Prabhu Deva, Smooth Criminal stage version and MJs patented Ghost dance still lives), it is neatly done. There is little to choose between the beautiful Asin and the hot Illeana. It is strange to note that Telugu songs, nowdays, have hindi words embedded in them. I dont like it, but its becoming like a trend/norm now.

In any case, look how two different people, one a natural director and another a natural choreographer, interpret the same song. Makes you fall in love with movies.

The Telugu Version:

The Thamizh Version


Babu said...

athaan yeen kekurey maamu.....

It's my mom's mobile and my nephew did that I didn't know about it, every time my bro called me he never said hello, instead wud sing "irun tholun tholun tha yorusuraa"..I was like WTF...and ignored him thinking he was in happy mood...untill I called me mum after I reached downunder......voila an epiphany right there ;-)

I said...

Both Vijay and Asin are christian, that's why.

rads said...

I saw Pokkiri in the theaters here and Dole-Dole's one heck of a stylish modern number. It oozes of sensuality, and the chemistry is hot! :)

Am a huge convert since Athadu of Mahesh babu. Hated him then, love him now :D

neways, can I correct you? I ahve a pet peeve in the way Telugu is spelt. It is telUgu and not tel E gu.
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

yeah Telugu is way better than Tamil version..cerdit goes to HOT illeana

- Ramesh

Anonymous said...

enna ezhavu da saami. Telugu version is stupid. Mahesh babu was the only saving grace. I guess the movie is marginally better than the other crappy movies telugu indusry dishes out regularly. I haven't even seen the tamil version. Vijay sucks bigtime. And Tamil industry sucks equally bad. One good film in a decade! and every one thinks that Tamil films are better Hindi films. shit!

Karthik Sriram said...


This movie was one big turn off - the tamizh one - Vijay, who had copied everything from Mahesh Babu's socks to shirt could have copied his dance too instead of the MJ-esque dance...


Hawkeye said...


oh! you didnt know. Man! that was awesome.every time I'd call you I wanted to ask what movie that was and then i figured it out myself.


thats why, what?


many people became mahesh babu converts after pokkiri. Did you know he lived in madras for a whileee.

i apologize for the spelling mistalke. the official spelling for telugu is telUgu :-) word and google corrects me on it. Google just didnt correct my 'post title'


I agree ileana is very talented :-)


/* One good film in a decade! */

I disagree.

/* and every one thinks that Tamil films are better Hindi films */

its all relative, I suppose.

your comment on ajit agarkar has made it impossible for me to view view your opinion w/o a fair degree of circumspection. I am terribly sorry for that. I hope this is not like your ajit agarkar comment and you have actually been seeing telugu/tamil movies before saying this.


looks like vijay is remaking every Mahesh babu movie. But m. babu has to dance for vijay to copy him.

Anonymous said...

you are right. I haven't seen tamil movies for a long time, telugu too. haha..

Agarkar is the best in cricket next to Tendulkar.

rads said...

Oh yes! My sister's friend dated the guy for a while and apparently he left her stranded outside the registrar's office! This was during the movie Murari.

Thanks for correcting :)

I said...

i mean that chemistry and biology and all.

Sowmya said...

one doubt - is mahesh babu shoban babu's son?

if so - does he also say 'oh my gad'?

please to enlighten.

I spent the whole afternoon yesterday watching clips of 'athadu' on youtube. Telugu, movie, nostalgia - was good!

deitaDi said...

Mahesh Babu is the son of Krishna, "superstar" of Telugu movies from yesteryears :)

Anonymous said...

But the overall flow, feel and impact of the Thamizh movie was considerably poorer than its Telugu counterpart.

Yes you can see it even from one simple thing.

Illeana saying I want to share something with you in person.
Whereas Asin is like "please, this is really important," and Vijay smirking. Don't know since when girl friends have to beg guys to come see them. and his smirk, yuks!!