Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pregnant Women Vs Mr. Johnson getting a tan

Formerly pregnant women, who are now mothers, have this convenient way of gaining the upper hand over men. They are incredibly proud to possess the ability to deliver a baby. The words "you have no idea what it is like to bear and deliver a baby" has no comeuppance. Most of the billion women, who are mothers, play this card without fail. Once that card is played, you have no choice but to groan and pay up. Men have to constantly battle over the mental dominance that women have over them because of their monopoly in the delivering-babies industry. I am pretty sure if biology was a customizable subject, men would clearly be able to pop out babies just as well as the next woman. Unless women came up with a stealthy way of calling such a man, a woman.

If life was a game of poker and if a pregnant woman is like a Full House (how appropriate) then having to

a) Scratch the twins, now and then, should be Four of a Kind

b) Aim and piss, standing up should be a Straight Flush.

c) Walk around and deal with the terribly over-anxious and excitable Mr. Johnson during teenage years; with his over-exposure to sunlight and his constant sniping of "A pair of hands. That's the best you could do" - should be considered a Royal Flush.

These three should be the ultimate repartee that any gender can give to the other. Then the woman will have to just groan and pay up.

Ha! Poker is Pun!

P.S: Poker Rules


Anonymous said...


I said...

shave everyda-a? edhukku?

Babu said...

Not sure I understood it all, but got the straight Flush and twin scratching....LOL....good one

Good news and Congrats....So how many months is she???

I thot u were pricing Xbox's, didn't knew u wud go and do such a priceless act ;-)

Hawkeye said...


got a abetter one, so changed that.

Hawkeye said...


wrong number dude! no such news!

Babu said...

oops sorry..I asked cos u sounded pretty deep in ur pun....

dont u just love Texas Hold'em aiyee..playing any comp? can u gamble in Washington

Vee Cee said...

The words "you have no idea what it is like to bear and deliver a baby" has no comeuppance.

Best comeback - "OH YEAH! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS LIKE TO LISTEN TO SOMEONE SAY 'you have no idea what it is like blah blah blah'!!!!!"
And it should be delivered with that stereotypical-macho-bravado-bordering on-comical tone, making it quite evident that you know that they know that you are grasping at straws and you were whipped right from the start.