Thursday, November 29, 2007


Marriage is really a long behavioral sciences experiment. The object of the experiment is to establish the fact that men are selfish. That's all there is to it - A science experiment with a predefined conclusion. Men are found guilty of selfishness for acts that are perfectly normal in a bachelor's world. Suddenly 90% of their actions are determined as selfish. Men are simply an apparatus in this grand science experiment. They are like test tubes, beakers and pipette. While men lie on the lab table staring inanimately. Women perform all kinds of test, confer with each other, do some calculations and record in the observation book; "men are really selfish".


I said...

apdia? bayamudutharaye ba.

Hawkeye said...

nee ellam kekkave vendaam. complete ambayl.

u should in fact take selfish as a compliment

Karthik Sriram said...

en indha virakthi??


Patrix said...

I wonder if this experiment ever received the IRB approval :)

Hawkeye said...


no virakthi. its all worldy observation. I am not selfish you know :-)


(This applies to 'I' too as both are approaching their respective marriages imminently)

6 months-1 year from now results of your experiments will get published. don't bother looking them up. "you are selfish" :-)

Gasquet Fan said...

I'm not selfish. I will give up anything for my wife. Even my ex-wife.

Sowmya said...

The only way to overcome this image is to carry a 'gooja' and walk behind the wife. Then you can say , you selflessly carried 'filter kaapi' for her, in case she wanted.

anush said...

that is assuming that the coffee has the exact number of sugar grains in it and is at the right temperature..

I said...

aambalaya porandha paavam, kooja thooking is inevitable.

amaam, adhu enna "nee ellam kekave vendam"? apdi enna naan kettu poiten?

Ashwin said...

"Men are found guilty of selfishness for acts that are perfectly normal in a bachelor's world."

Can you give 2 or 3 instances? Just curious...

fieryblaster said...

i am absolutely ok with idea of branding a man selfish. no doubt they are. while a women's life undergoes a seachange, like from being the one pampered to the one pampering, man still remains the same enjoying all the benefits he had in his bachelor hood. this applies to both working and non working women. women loses her freedom after marriage and a man most probably does not understand this. so MEN ARE SELFISH. :)

Hawkeye said...


as anush below you said. If contents of guja dont meet specifications, then it is alleged that target consumer of the guja contents is the 'guja carrier' and so guja carrier = selfish.


danks ba


all the build up to your image.


1. Blogging
2. Reading a Book
3. Watching TV


women are pampered too. men lose freedom too. you know.

G U R U said...

"Marriage is like a toilet -- People who are outside, want to desperately get in and people who are inside, are waiting to get out" (*grin*)

discovered your blog while I was blog jumping..nice space...