Thursday, November 22, 2007

Movie Review: Azhagiya Thamizh Magan

We all know the movie is crappy. But leave that aside. Lets talk about the songs. A.R.Rahman is simply awesome. He has given us two remixes so far; 'Thottal Poo Malarum' was the first and needless to say that was really good. 'Pon Magal Vanthal' to me is the best song in Azhagiya Thamizh Magan. Its almost a cameo of a song. Just 3 minutes. Fits the situation like a glove. Picturized fantastically well. In the middle of the song, after the initial 'diamond girl' rap sequence there is a mazhalai rendition of 'Muthukkal sirikkum vithathil' and following that is a serious rhythm rendition of the same stanza. I went to a different world upon hearing that. My god! Thats simply brilliant. Orey 'Grass Scratching'. The second best song is 'Kelamal Kaiyil'. I suspect it has a similar raagam as that of 'Mellisaiye' in Mr. Romeo. A superb Carnatic/Techno fusion that sounds more like one of Erasure's techno songs than carnatic. The third best song is 'Nee Marilyn Monroe cloning' ; Digression - I am a convert. I am an official Namitha fan. I think she should be future Thamizh Nadu CM and should replace Sonia Gandhi as Congress President. She comes for such a short time in the movie. but don't worry but there is so much of Namitha. The fourth best song is Ella Pugazhum, which is the typical 'Regemaan Anthem Song'. Just because Vijay 'kashtapattu' made a Lawrence-like dance step, they kept on showing that 3 times in that song. Although all songs were picturized very well, they kept repeating the same shots again and again, which sort of made me feel they were lazy and didnt want to shoot enough.

The movie is the worst Vijay movie ever. Thats a splendid accomplishment though. Given most Vijay movies are absolutely horrible, this movie does great effort to out beat all of them. I can imagine how the perusus of 70s and 80s welcomed Rajinikanth saying 'ithellam oru padam ivenallam oru hero' but the younger generation fell in love with rajini anyway. I feel the same thing when I see Vijay on screen. He is ugly, cannot act at all, and just has 2 standard expressions that he repeats over and over again. This movie had a good story but any good story when filtered through the Rajini/Vijay/Ajith hero-worship sausage grinder becomes a gooey movie with non-sensical punchlines directed at no one in particular. You can almost see that this movie had the potential to be a very good movie if they had taken it with a reasonable human-being hero. Some good scenes even managed to slip through, which is a rarity in any Vijay movie. But for most part every scene was illogical, improbable, and artificial. They managed to make every scene, every situation stupid and unbelievable. If I begin to question the logical flaws in this movie, it would fill 5 TB of data. Thank god Namitha appeared for those 7 minutes. She is a handful isn't she? And Shriya. Wow! now there is no 'pothikinu' shriya. She is 'avithikinu' all the way. And she looks really really awesome. There is this glow about her. I am pretty sure thats not some digitizing work in post-production. She is almost ethereal and I can't sometimes believe she is for real. If Vijay hoped that someone would sit in this movie just to drool and Shriya and Namitha, I see his point. He's got me there.

One can develop over-estimated view of Thamizh cinema by just watching Kamal/Manirathnam/Gautham movies interspersed with movies like Veyyill Mozhi and Chennai 28. If we never see any other movie we may even think Thamizh cinema is simply awesome. One can even begin to entertain hopes that Thamizh cinema is world class after all. Much similar to people just watching Amir Khan movies and an odd RDB and thinking that gooey machine called Bollywood actually produces an art form that can be categorized as movies. This movie brought me back to reality. This is how Vijay sees Thamizh viewers. He has estimated that an average Thamizhan goes to a movie after seeing a poster and needs a song, a fight and a 'sentiment'. Apparently that's the level of the average thamizhan. And he is right. Success of movies like this, OSO and those stupid Akshay kumar movies repeatedly prove that a good movie in Indian cinema is an aberration. It means the system failed to check and root out errors. In ATM the system worked perfectly in catching a good story and massaging it to fit the 'quality standards'.


I said...

aapis lendhu ivalo peria post-a? enakkum oru vela vaangi kuden unga aapis le.

Hawkeye said...

inniki thangs giving. cannada naatula intha sanga'kaala sampbruthayam illa pola

I said...

irukku irukku, aana enga thanksgiving october le.

Vee Cee said...

The mazhalai 'muththukkal sirikkum', followed by the normal 'muththukkal sirikkum', followed by the ctrl-C/ctrl-V of the original 'paaavai neee vaaaa' --- easily the best 20 seconds in tfm of the 2000s!!!

Saranya Arunprakash said...

"He is Ugly" I like it!!! Everytime I tell this when I talk abt Vijay. "Avan kulikkave mattana" is wht I feel. Pls continue this gud job and kizhichufy his movies. I hate them to the core.

Anonymous said...

Watching Kamal movies give an elevated assumption of Tamil cinema? LOL

Then those viewers must have missed 85% of Kamal films!!!

A.R.Rahman once said in an interview, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just like you thought Vijay is damn ugly, someone might thing the same of you or me. So quite subjective. I mean, I consider the guy ugly, but am surprised with the innumerable compliments he gets for his onscreen personality.
For that matter, I think 80% of Tamil heros are either ugly vijaykanth,vijay,rajni) or others:-) Yeah, we had genuine good looking guys like an Arvindswamy or Karthik. But that's in the past for them.

Anyhow, film sucks. Vijay and Rajni films are totally in different ranges. I ran off the initial topic. Most of Kamal's films were/are awful, Maniratnam has a handful of films that are worth mentioning for his directorial work--everything else is more about technical excellence, Gowtham Menon so far is over-rated. Minnale was average affair. Khaaka Khaaka was definitely good. Last two films are ripoffs of english television and films, respectively.

No wonder mass/youth go for Rajni/Vijay formula films.


Naren's said...

The credits in the CD , and all news suggest that ponmagal was not done by A R Rahman at all and by one krishna chetan..also remember A R Rahman saying (and also followed by his nephew G v Prakash kumar) that they would not do any remix...but still there is no firm answer to who did this remix exjaktly.. :-) but matter is yep as u said one of the fine remixes and picturized at best....

Saravanan said...

Thalapathiya pathi yaruppa thappa pesarathu. veetukku auto varum

Gowtham nalla padam edukara. RDB nalla padam. kasta kaalam ponga

Anonymous said...

Gowtham gr8 director ah?
hayo hayo..
Avaru padutha uthu patha,u can notice everybody talkin like him(serious ah...anda proposal scene n kakha kakha ..LOL)
Avaru ena try panalum work out aga poradula..
enda mokai paduthuku evlo hype ah??
ninga thaan pa avana kedukaradu

Just an ordinary person said...

Hi bharath. I just saw the movie 'Katradhu Thamizh'.
If you've already watched this film,
i'd like to know your opinion about this film. If not, please watch this film and do write about the state of mind you were in after watching this film.

Hawkeye said...


orey super'la. there was a similar sgement which sort of made me go high. i cant remember it right now :-)

Hawkeye said...


thanks. he has the same 'azhuthu vadinja' moonji since his sangavi days.


my logic was a bad attempt by mani/gautham to make a different movie is better than a superb mass appeal movie.


didnt know all those details. thanks for the info.


gowtham'ukku ennaba kuraichal. indhi padam range'kku RDB is really good.


why is every body picking on my 1 letter mention of gautham.

just an ordinary,

(wow! what a name - dont u think everybody is xtra-ordinary in their own way?) i want to watch katrathu thamizh. i cant egt hold of a DVD/VCD

vatsan said...

vijay has started to climb the steps of superstardom. ATM is a superstar only can act movie.

PS: superstar = Rajini or MGR
PPS: Vishal can upset Vijays plans.

Karthik.H said...

isn't it Nemidha? :P

Sridhar said...

nice review dude. i saw this movie today and did a review too ...

i was not as harsh as you were though ! but we agree on one thing ... NAMITHA !

maxdavinci said...

didn't like the movie either but was passable as a one time watch like all vijay movies.

I somehow dont get the buxom-babe attachment in tam cinema. namitha gyrating in that chinna black skirt was hard to watch. shriya was just fantastic, but i wish somebody explained the fantasy behind rotund waist tyres and gigantic hips...

Hawkeye said...


the comment on vishal was too much.


a rose is a rose is a rose.


see namitha unites.


i didnt think namitha was really fat. but to answer you question i would look up defn of 'surface area' from an old geometry book ;-)

andrea said...


Am not sure if you've watched Udhaya, it is a horrible movie..prolly worst than ATM

sundar said...

lol @ the sudden digression in the review.. :))

Anonymous said...

"I can imagine how the perusus of 70s and 80s welcomed Rajinikanth saying 'ithellam oru padam ivenallam oru hero' but the younger generation fell in love with rajini anyway. I feel the same thing when I see Vijay on screen. He is ugly, cannot act at all, and just has 2 standard expressions that he repeats over and over again."

A stupid comment that reeks of ignorance. Rajni entered a s acharacter artist/villian, developed an unique style/dialogue delivery and even after he became a fluff fledged hero, did movies like NetrikkaNN. There is'nt a single thing that is unqie about Vijay. His mannerisms and punch dialogues are borrowed. I cant believe you would mention him in the same breath as Rajni.He would never have the fan base Rajni has.His fan base is primarily resricted to a few hardcore fans and maybe some B/C centers. Whereas did you see the reception for Sivaji in US?
I am not a Rajni fan by the way, but for someone who "reviews" Tamil films that was an incredibly stupid thing to say

Hawkeye said...


i guess i should wait for you to point out the exact sentence where i said vijay's fan base is same or bettr than rajini

ithula 'i am not a rajini fan' disclaimer vera.

Anonymous said...

Ok..first and foremost no comparing...not even the Aburva Rangangal rajni with the now vijay!!! Not even in ur dreams...illa life long supply of Seattle-indian food thaan!!!

And frankly, I did like the story line. Completely agree on the amazing placement and beautiful song Ponn magal vandhal. Plus, there were certain non-classic elements of Vijay movie- no fifty thousand rowdy kumbal+ villian, no running from madurai jilla to saidapet sandhu bondu to chennai airport, no "thiruvizhala tholanchupona story" etc etc.

But the most amazing thing about ATM is despite its considerable lack of Vijay cliches , they managed to botch the movie so badly and so much, that it was doomed before its release. vijay is an oxymoron...we all know that by now:), its taken for granted.

Anonymous said...

"i guess i should wait for you to point out the exact sentence where i said vijay's fan base is same or bettr than rajini"

Mazhuppa paakaadha.
I never accused you of mentioning about their fan base. Read my reply again. I only said that I could'nt believe that you could mention these two in the same breath. That's the only thing I accused you of doing. The comments following that on the fan base my explanation/argument as to why you cant lump them both.Purinjudha?

Anonymous said...

American Gangster review paNNittu aduththadhu azhugiya thamizh magan review paNNara ore gudakku nee dhaan

Anonymous said...

ok..too many anon comments on that thing..I forgot to mention in my anon comment that it is no longer verum is Dr. Vijay. I was wondering if I can get one too, given that I have spent a lifetime stuffing my brain with science.


PS - I am the one who threatened u with the food:)

chengayan said...

I saw the movie today.Surprise surprise there is not even a single fight till the interval. the only fight in the movie is between vijay and vijay.How vijay accepted a script like this.How u guys say u like the storyline ? The ESP thing is aratahapazhasu. I agree with anon. on one point .There is no comparison between rajini and vijay. Rajini definitley has acting talents. He is inside a image circle he himself has created. But this guy vijay CANT act. period.

sexy said...