Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Old Man From G.N. Chetty Road

There was an old man who lived for many many years in G.N Chetty Road. When it was decided that a flyover would be built near the Vani Mahal junction, it was also decided that a major portion of the beautiful trees in GN Chetty road be cut down. Now, when you drive by, you can't help noticing the absence of greenery. The entire place is suddenly all very bright. The day after they cut it down, I drove by the road and I felt a twinge in my heart. Well! it had already been cut down. There was nothing I could have done about it. I am not sure if I would have wanted to do anything about it. Apparently an old man who had lived in that road for many many decades did not think so. He threw in his might.

Before the trees were cut: He pleaded, cried to the workers cutting down the trees. He even protested on the road. His, words according to people who drove by were "They are closer to me than my children. I have seen them grow old from a sapling. Please don't kill them" The man had apparently taken care of those trees and was deeply fond of them. People who saw him mentioned that he was tottering old man, maybe around 80 years old. He was pleading to the workers with tears running unashamedly down his cheeks and literally was mourning the impending loss of a child. The night before, he had taken the train from Bangalore to Madras when he heard the news that the trees might be cut. He came down to save those trees.

There are people and then there are people.


rads said...

Beautiful heartbreaking story.

GN Chetty Rd was a beautiful avenue, with big shady lovely trees. Sad eh, it's all gone?

The scene you painted is vivid. Sad old man :(

Karthik Sriram said...

I think "Thatha" and "Amma" would, in competition, build flyovers all over the city - tree cutting along with some budget 'cutting' too!


Karthik Sriram said...

And if you thought GN Chetty road is paavam, check out Sardar Vallabhai Patel road in Adyar - Velachery area.... esp near Gandhinagar bus-stand.


Anonymous said...

There are people who talk, and then there are people who do. Regardless of the outcome...

Hawkeye said...


ya. I think the flyover will make it ugly. but the traffic congestion was making it even more uglier. so there is really no way out of it.


as long as it doesnt end up like that flyover in domlur signal, bangalore i am okay :-)


very true

Anonymous said...

entha busla india poitu varenga?
Is this your 4th trip in 2 years?

um... btw, bought John wright's Indian summers, you should be getting some share on the sales of this book.