Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tendulkar: A Statistical Look.

I made an interesting observation. Most cricket viewers I speak to have no idea regarding Tendulkar's ODI stats and its relationship with India's ODI stats. So:


  • India has not lost 271/504 games after Tendulkar's debut [51%].
  • Tendulkar has not lost 222/404 games he has played in those 504 games [54%].
  • Indian Batting Average in the 504 games after Tendulkar's Debut is 32.0
  • Tendulkar's overall batting average in 404 of the 504 games is 44.27 [1.45 times that of India]
  • Indian Batting Average when it does not lose matches (those 271 games) after Tendulkar's Debut is 44.8
  • Tendulkar's batting average when India has not lost games is 55.81 [1.24 times Indian average]
  • India Loses 75% of the games in which Tendulkar fails to reach 30.
  • India has not lost 30/41 games where Tendulkar scored a century [73%].
  • India has not lost 51/86 games where Tendulkar scored a half-century [60%].
  • Rest of India batting order failed to capitalize on Fifty+ starts provided by Tendulkar 46 times.
  • 37% of the time Tendulkar provides fifty+ starts Rest of India does not cash in. This contributes to 20% the time India has lost with Tendulkar in the team [46/182].
  • India's batting average when it loses is 31.1
  • Tendulkar's batting average when India loses is 32.92. [1.05 times ~ same as India average]

P.S: The author is aware of the cliches and proverbs related to statistics.
P.S2: The author believes that if the statistics do not capture the entire truth then the fault lies with the filters/analysis/views applied on those statistics and not the statistic itself.
P.S3: The author does not have sufficient statistical tools to run correlation analysis with oether batsmen/bowlers.


anantha said...


arvind said...

Interesting compilation.But I have to point out one glaring error. I knew there was no way Sachin could've missed 265 games since his debut(404/669),so I did some digging in on cricinfo.Actually 669 is the total number of games India has played since its ODI debut in 1974.Since Sachin's debut in 89, we have played 504 matches.He has missed exactly 100 of those.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see the stats for Tests. That is where his critics say, he hasn't had a big impact. It would be more interesting to look at his second innings stats whenever India batted second.

Gasquet Fan said...

Do we need a reason to like Tendulkar??

Anonymous said...

Seems ur maths is wrong here rather than ur statistics, hehehe lol :)
271/504 = 53.67% and approximately 54%.
so thatz more than 51%

~Ramanujam Dasan.

Anonymous said...

believe it or not, i was doing a very similar analysis on sachin last night...and then i read your post..:)

I said...

But why should a Thamizhan like Marathi Tendulkar? Tasmanian-Thamizhan bhai-bhai, so you should put post on how Ponting has guided Australia to many wins.
Anyway, this kullan is like Markandeyan. He never seems to go. Endrum 16 since 1989.

S.Ganesh Kumar said...

Superb man!Being a great fan of Sachin,even I too thought why many people say Sachin cannot win matches,he plays for records etc.
And just to shut the mouth of those who say,Sachin does not play when the team needs it most(i.e. 2nd innings.);I came to know that Sachin's ODI avge while batting 2nd is 43+.

feddy said...

Romba Romba romba Romba nandri sir...

Your post has been taken in sachin orkut community as well