Tuesday, January 29, 2008

LSE V: Printer Curse Continues

I have to somehow explain to my employers that I can never take print outs. Inability to take a print out still continues to limit my life. I wish I knew what the reason for this jinx was. Most people I know can take print outs at will. Yesterday there was an "echicootive" presentation. My very first presentation. 1 hour before the presentation, I pressed the 'print' button with shaking hands, unsurprisingly every printer in all 6 floors of my building stopped working. I spent 1 hour begging the printer gods to excuse me for just 1 time. They continue to be unrelenting about this.

About a decade ago I was doing my final year BE project with logicRamani. The night before submission, he sent me to take printouts. I think that was my first ever attempt at taking a print out. I couldn't. I called him after an hour's worth of trying. He came and all he had to do was press 'print' and it worked like a charm. I told him then - "maybe I am not destined to take print outs". How prophetic? Like the way Parasurama cursed Karna that he'd forget to bow-and-arrow at crucial moments, Sage Printerama has cursed me. And I have never been able to print at will since then.

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Anupadmaja said...

Hire a personal secretary :)

Sarang said...

:) Aren't we all Parashurama's cursed people......

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

*Grin grin grin*

Hawkeye said...


imagine her life.


but only one is printerama's cursed person.



vidhya said...
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Arun Sundar said...

personal secretary suggested by Anupadmaja might be a guy too.

neways, U'r post made me smile :)