Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Celebrating a Terrorist

Kodambakkam cine world regularly produces politicians. Bollywood regularly produces terrorists, murderers and underworld dons. One of its celebrated terrorists got married today. I think we should all celebrate. Don't ask why he is not in jail. He is on an extended conjual visit.
My 'patriotic' Indian heart is filled with pride and joy. I wish journalists in his payroll wrote more about how "Sanju Baba has suffered enough", "anybody can make mistakes", "to err is human" and how "only a very few understand his mind". For the sake of the nation, I wish Munnabhai-3 runs for 100 days. Poor Sanjay deserves any 'break' he can get. It would be bad if he failed in the 2 noble things he set out to do - burn Bombay properly and give a succesful trilogy.
It is heartening to note that not many in the Main Stream Media have written about this. It at least reassures me that once I have money and power, I can do whatever I want.


Anonymous said...

well, he got his "much deserved" "Prison Break"... right?

I said...

The other moslem terrorist salmaan khan, avan enna aanan?

Nakkal Nayaandi said...

Dutt is a odukaali (sorry odukaalan). Nobody in his family knew that he was getting married.
Not even his daughter Trishala or his ex-wife Rhea pillai.

Dutts affair/marriage history

1) Married to Richa Sharma(died of cancer) who gave birth to Trishala. Trishala is now pursuing criminal psychology in NY. Now I understand why she is doing that course.

2) Married and divorced with Rhea Pillai. Dunno if he made her pregnant.

3) Had affair with Nadia from Lahore.

4) Now married to the item girl Manyata who is pregnant now. Rumours afloat that this is the fourth marriage for the bride. Her ex-husband has claimed that she isn't divorced yet.

Poor Sanju Baba. How has he found time to do all these besides co-ordinating activities with underworld don DI and CS?

One reporter asked him the question "What next Dutt?" to which Sanju replied "I'll start my family planning".

ROTFL :))) I couldn't stop laughing. He definitely needs it.
When people get married the elders bless them "16 petru peru vaazhvu vaazhga". Though the above context is different Sanju is already in race for that. He is a nice guy. He doesn't want to burden one woman in accomplishing his task.

Macho said...

oye NN,
kisko patha hai woh sanju baba hai?
es waqt woh sanju baba nahi hai. woh hamara desh ka k****u paapa hai.

sree said...

I did a mistake 10 yrs ago..i regret it..forgive me
AS told by Sanju in court to judge

Avare manichu vitu taru,vogaluku ina?
Ppl r crazy abt him in the north..same situation n chennai-Nama Rasini a ula pota suma irupingala?Same applies to sanju baba...loong live sanju some female

Anonymous said...

Congress is in power and Sanjay's dad was one of Maino's chaprasis. That, in essence, is the reason. Not that BJP would have done much better.
Aside, also note how the mainstream media has not yet printed the news that the EC has decided to serve notice to Maino on the Belgian award issue.

Anonymous said...

I completely second you on this is fascinating how a criminal walks among us and the media does nothin...Really shocking...
I still dont understand how he made bail...I thought terrorism was a non-bailable offense man!

Sarang said...

Just because he has also become a poster boy for the Bombay blasts doesn't mean he is the only person responsible and roaming 'free'. I do not condone his actions but I think that targetting him for the media attention given to him is not right.

Also, we all know that this is not he only case where the media and the people are ignoring the crime behind and he is free. For the amount of his involvement he has alteast seen jail time. (Multiple times, Enough or not is not something I decide). He has also accepted his mistake. But look at the number of people involved in more serious crimes who are free and do not agree to their crimes and pass judgement ont he rest of the world!

This is just another case. Just that it is in showbiz. That's all.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are aware of the exact nature of Sanjay's crime.

As much as even I am amazed Sanjay roams around, the main main culpirt called Dawood Ibrahim lives in the lap of luxury in Pakistan. That is a lot lot more distujavascript:void(0)
Publish Your Commentrbing to me.

Hawkeye said...


(with some disclaimers applied)would you agree that the fate of 'others' who have committed similar mistakes has no relevance to merits/demerits of the sanjay dutt case?

Sarang said...

I am not sure if you were talking to me but I shall respond anyway. Yes, I am aware of the nature of his crime and I do not think that he should be pardoned and not punished.

Sorry but my tubelight starter is giving me trouble. If I understand your comment correctly, then I must say that I am not for his acquittal and I do not protest against his punishment. He is the same and the 'others' for me. What I believe is the attention that the media gives to him and the positive 'push' that they give to him is not his fault. He might have given the media money to do so. But, the media also has taken favours to do what it is doing today.

Just because I love Munnabhai doesn't mean I like Sanjay Dutt. I hope I made my stand a little clearer.

Sarang said...

I agree with your statement. (Assuming the disclaimers that you have applied)

[Goes out to buy a new starter]...

Hawkeye said...


reg. disclaimer sometimes similar and past cases (and its judgements) are quoted to argue against/in-favor of a specific case. So in a way cases are intertwined but only to a certain extent.

For a large part - Punishment-1 to a case-subject-i for doing crime A is appropriate, correct and justified even if N people who have committed crime A are living scott free.

Sarang said...

Agreed. But why a hangover with just this one?

Hawkeye said...

he is waved on my face more than many other similar cases.

Sarang said...

:) Ok. That's a valid reason.

Babu said...

Good start after your blog homam :-)
blog is purely there to vent ur feelings maams, so why bother purifying it ;-)
you probably can be peace with this world but blog is not the medium....

krishnan said...

Sanjay Dutt - Everyone knows what he did
Salman Khan - Driving under Influence and killing three people, public nuisance, shooting a blackbuck, issuing death threats to Sabeer Bhatia and Aishwarya
Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi - Shot a blackbuck
Fardeen Khan - Cocaine supplier and dealer
Zayed Khan - Gets into a bar room brawl every other day and causes serious damages to people/properties
Feroz Khan - Antique smuggler

And the list goes on. The good news is, they all will be awarded with Padmasree for excellent service to the nation, the next time Congress comes to power.

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anantha said...

Ellathayum pannitu, ippadi loose aatam maatikaradhu. Enna panradhu. Ketta, I regret it nu sollaradhu and ellathayum mannichidaranga.

But I want to play devil's advocate - isn't/wasn't Manmohan Singh a Rajya Sabha MP from Assam? And did he ever live in Assam?

Sriram said...

I thought you were at peace with the world after last post. Illaya?