Saturday, February 16, 2008

The closest movies have come to being art nirvana

If people have seen a better conceptualization and execution of a song to a music video than this - then they must be lying. Sam Anderson, the star of the video is my vote for the next PM of India. Where is Gasquet fan? Sam is an artist. Bow to him.

This has some mind blowing choreography. My God. I am fan.

You might wanna check the comments on this youtube video if you want your stomach to be torn apart in laughter. Join the Sam Anderson cult.


Anonymous said...

Maybe, 10% of the screw-up was due to the song used. The producer must have used 50cent instead. This one looks better-

I said...

Music sounds like a song from the light music program at a wedding of a Christian convert.

Sarang said...

I am a fan..... Wow! where was this star hidden all these years??

Nakkal Nayandi said...

The movie crew were sadistic people man. oruthanuku 10 second fits(epilepsy) vanthaaley udambu thaangathu. aana intha Sam Anderson intha paatu fulla valipula ezhuthutu irukaane yaarachum avanuku saavi kudukanumnu thonicha?? oru upcoming superstaraa saavi kudukaama savu adikanumnu paathaangaley. kolakaara pasanga.

Pradeep said...

Some Tidbits about this release:

I thought the friggin film was made in 1980's.. print looked like that.

It was released on Dec 28th, 2007!

Story: (cut copy pasted from somewhere)

Hero plans to produce cars in Economical version. Two girls try to win him but whom does the hero choose for Marriage and why forms the crux of the story.

Shooting for the film took place at Chennai and adjoining areas like Padappai,Manimangalam,Chetpet,Nerkundram and in ECR. Final phase of production in process.

Film Released in Madurai and Salem Distribution Areas only.

Found this interesting write-up too!

Anonymous said...

did u pile up the comments from BBthots for your latest post?

Arun Sundar said...

Hilarious. Idhu enna Sam Anderson season'aa?? I saw a post on this in many a blog. And the first comment for this video made me roll on the floor laughing.

Check this one too. Orey the directorial touch :

krishnan said...

Is this for real????????????????

Sriram said...

i am sad that someone could top veerasamy.

Curd Rice Aurora said...

try watching the movie guys. the song is nothing!!! absolute laugh riot / torture, depending on how you take it. i would like to see more of his movies. hail sam anderson

lekhni said...

I watched both videos with the sound on mute. You should try that, the effect is even more hilarious :)

Escape.... Great Escape said...

What kind of a niche audience is this movie targeting ?

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