Friday, February 01, 2008

Movie Review: Golden Compass

Boring. Extremely. Visual Effects alone cannot make an entertaining movie.
Much like Narnia, some 8-year old girl is the lead character. Movies are saturated with kids-as-lead-stars stories. There is also a bear and a host of other boring characters. I think we have seen it all. Never Ending Story was much better. This movie has nothing new to serve. Well maybe except for one thing. I liked the a-daemon-to-a-person concept.
In those days when Ramarajan or Vijaykanth get a successful movie playing a cop or a villager. They milk that roletype until it runs dry. They only let go of those roles only after 3-4 such similar movies. This whole trilogy nonsense has now been beaten to death. Now suddenly all the 'enthu' parties will buy the book and bore everyone to death about inane details in that book that - god forbid -may cause a "controversy". LOTR, Harry Potter, Narnia - now this. Then finally we will be told that Gandalf, Dumbledore, Bear and someoneelse was gay.


sundar said...

ROTFL @ "they milk that roletype until it runs dry"..

aasummm ;)

Sarang said...

I had liked it when I saw it. But, I agree the trilogy concept has been beaten down to death.

I said...

Hollywood is full of communists and homosexuals, who have run out of ideas. The whole Matrix thing, what is the deal with that? Total pueudo-intellectual nonsense.

Harry Potter is glorified vittalacharya padam and people go ga-ga over it. Idiots, all of them.

A Ramarajan or Vijayakanth movie IMO is better than a Transformer or AI because the former do not try so hard to justify themselves. Everyone knows it is crap and watch it nevertheless. All this Hollywood idiots are nothing but summa pult.They are also democrats which is even more annoying.

Sarang said...

How many people in our own country know vittalacharya padam or watch a vittalacharya padam or how many people can make a vittalacharya padam?

Even if Hollywood crap movies are summa pult they know how to sell their pult-ness..... Our idiots also fall for their pult-ity and try and promote it in our movies as well.
Pult-Al kettavan yevan illai?

paruppu said...

Liberals are necessary to push the boundaries. How long do you want to get stuck in the rot of brahminism and stupid mantras that are no use to todays life?

Being conservative in art, is boring.

About Golden Comp, it's a much better movie than Narnia. The book is very good too. what's wrong with homosexuals?

glass said...

100% agree with post!!!!!yeaaahhh rock on!!!!!!!

Deepak said...

//Then finally we will be told that Gandalf, Dumbledore, Bear and someoneelse was gay//


@paruppu, bloody homo! no wonder u fail to understand the significance of mantras! better stay away from this place.