Saturday, February 09, 2008

Own It

I recently read a blog where a woman - who was thin before but now had grown fat - complained about the consequent waning of boyfriend's physical attraction towards her. She called it Unfair etc. Reminded me of a Seinfeld moment.

(In 'The Subway' in a train, Jerry wakes up and looks to guy opposite to him. The extremely fat guy is naked and reading a paper.)
JERRY: O-K. You realize of course, you're naked?
FAT NAKED MAN: Naked, dressed. I don't see any difference.
JERRY: You oughta' sit here. There is a difference.
FAT NAKED MAN: You got something against naked body?
JERRY: I got something against yours. How about a couple of deep knee bends, maybe a squat thrust?
FAT NAKED MAN: Who's got time for squat thrusts?
JERRY: All right, how about skipping breakfast. I'm guessing you're not a 'half-grapefruit and black coffee' guy.
FAT NAKED MAN: I like a good breakfast.
JERRY: I understand, I like good breakfast. Long as you don't wind up trapped in a room with bib overalls and pigtails, been counseled by Dick Gregory.
FAT NAKED MAN: I'm not ashamed of my body.
JERRY: That's your problem, you should be.


anantha said...

ayyah! Neenga deivam nallavar, vallavar, anaithum therinjavar!

And Seinfeld kadavul.

Raja said...

I love your blog man! hilarious and very bold.

you don't want to be politically correct, do you? I love that.

Anonymous said...

So Anantha, On a completely unrelated note, How far is work from your house?
Do you drive or take the subway?


Hawkeye said...

anti'a pathi yaarda avan thappa solrathu.

anantha said...

Prabhu: Vendruuu... Naan nethu sonnadha nirubichitta. Vetti naaye. Pesadhada :P

Hawkeye: The terse comment was appreciatory in nature only. I read the said vooman's post too (not a surprise, no?) with raised eyebrows too. Then, Seinfeld did not come to my mind immediately, but then I am still a Seinfeld n00b compared to you, even with my Bizzaro fixation :D

And ur birather, avana konjam adakki vechikkings. Germany-kke auto anuppiyachu, Pacific Northwest ellam jujubee.

Anonymous said...

so, this applies to men also ela?(seinfield referred to a man, atha maranthadava vendam).