Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Some Beautiful Women

.... you had a crush on in school/college grew up to be even more extra-ordinarily beautiful and heart-stoppingly voluptuous. Whereas some beautiful women you had a crush on grew up to be ugly, fat, uninteresting and mind numbingly boring.
Makes me wonder about movies which show college 'lauve' to be eternal and glorify college boys who stay unmarried forever as a result of unrequited love. Makes me also wonder about real-life peepul who do that.


Krishnan said...

You seem to be doing a lot of loud thinking :-)

Gayatri said...

haha.. what if our kodambakkam peeples read this! you're shaking the foundation of their sentiments..

Mugilan said...

Are you making an assumption that love is directly proportional to beauty? And that love stays only as long as beauty does?

But I have to admit, I have felt like that too many a time.

And whatever, ur blog makes for an interesting reading about every other thing in this world :)

krishnan said...

Are there people who do that in real life????

I said...

ada ada, it is extraordinarily (without the hyphen) unless you ade a clever allusion to extra-big body parts.

MLC said...

so neenga sight adicha ponnunga yendha vidham? 1st or 2nd? i hv a feelng, it was the 2nd ;-0

rads said...

hehe, really? such folks exist? :)

Arun Sundar said...

"Whereas some beautiful women you had a crush on grew up to be ugly, fat, uninteresting and mind numbingly boring"

I whole heartedly agree on this part though! :)

Babu said...

machi why suddenly...did u see Aparna by any chance.....he he JK.....

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

I wonder, though, what reminded you of these heart-stoppers? :)

Anonymous said...


Think harder ... :)


Suvarna said...



Anonymous said...

dude...you are right. I recently saw two such girls...one looked much better and another much worse than during their younger days...and you know what....suprisingly enough...you know both the girls that I'm talking about...:-)

Anupadmaja said...

I wonder ... anonymous being anonymous, does it make much of a difference if hawkeye knew those two girls or not?

Anonymous said...

Valid point anu. As long as anonymous is anonymous he doesn't care if HK knew about those gals or not becauz he is much more worried about projecting his POV rather than defining who they were or for that matter who he was. He has juz picked up 2 gals randomly and commented abt thm. May b they were virtual too.

Having said that I would say that it is always best to remain anonymous because anonymous are the only ananymous persons who can't be found not even by an anonymous person because he exists in an anonymous world leading an anonymous life. parava illa.unnaku kooda Visu dialogue varthu da.

kathir said...


it is also a general POV that anonymous by nature of being anonymous are also stupid.

I will beat Hakkie to replying to you and say this. Please read dislaimer of his blog #6. It is his blog. You will only find his POV here. Not yours. Muttala nee?

I have been tracking your comments in this blog and they have ben consistently stupid in every topic cricket or otherwise.

intha anon yaaravthu koluthungappa.

Hawkeye said...




I wish somebody made a movie opposite to that of kodamakkam sentiments.


nandri ;-)

is directly proprtional = 'only'?

love is proprtional to beauty allright.


there are. you'd be surprised.


i poor in spelling. nowadays i dont even try.





arun sundar,

same blood :-)


:-) 'aparna' history is in retrospective nice.


i was ogling in gym and so mind wandered.


babu is on a better track. its not what you are thinking :-)


mmmmmm :-)


do I? do they know me? ekkave bayangrama irukku.


its like saying 'enakku secreta therinja paiyan oru secret vechirukkan'


aiyoo.. thirunthungabba. like kathir said look at all points in dislaimer. someday i should start deleting your comments just for fun.



Anonymous said...

The second anonymous comment was not left by the same person who left the first one. Infact both of u guys have got wrong what I meant. I didn't say the POV as HK's POV but rather the anonymous1 POV.
"He doesn't care if HK knew about those gals or not becauz he is much more worried about projecting his POV ". Here "he" refers to anonymous1 and not HK.

kochikaathengappa :-)

Hawkeye said...

i yam saari. my advisu. even if you decide to be anonymous put some nick like "good anon" "bad anon" "thanga muthu anon" "ratha kaateri anonymous".