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Aaaa - The story was about a voice inside a man's head that told him to do evil things. He would listen to it some times but try to ignore it when the 'voice' got really evil. The story takes you through his struggling attempts to resist the 'voice'. Cast doubts about the nature of the 'voice'. Completely fascinating. It was the first Thamizh 'thodar kathai' I ever read. I used to wait for Ananda Vikatan just to read 'Aaa'. I never knew such a genre existed in Thamizh. It may have existed before Sujatha wrote them - what do I know about Thamizh stories? But Sujatha drew me to this genre.
Among his works that made it to TV - 'En Iniya Iyandhra' was very impressive. In 13 episodes, then mandated by Doordarshan, we saw how a woman in a futuristic world protected her robot. This was a story where the government of the future decides to destroy all robots assigned to people. Sivaranjini tries to hide her robot and we were enthralled for 13 weeks in her attempt to do so.
Beyond these two stories, I liked Sujatha's description the magnificent Srirangam temple. As far as movies go - although Kamal Hasan/Sujatha's 'Vikram' was a complete copy of Ian Fleming's Moonraker (Vikram was closer to Fleming's book than Roger Moore's movie) I was fascinated. I did not like his contribution in many other movies (which were good in elements that Sujatha was not involved in) but overall he seemed to be a fascinating story teller.
I am not a big reader of Thamizh literature but he drew English-pusthagam readers like me to Thamizh. Not an easy task.
p.s: I am going to count the number of people who mention Sujatha as the founder of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) just because some news article mentioned it. I know many already knew it. I didn't. I got to know that because of the news article. But it'd be an interesting social experiment to count the # of people who didn't know but still write that in their 'RIP' as if they knew it all along.
p.s: If I credited sujatha for work he never did - that is mainly because I don't know stuff.


Krishnan said...

Undoubtedly his death is immense loss to us Tamilians. His works spanned genres - he wrote prolifically on Azhwars, computers, quantum physics, nanotechnology, God, universe, and what not ! His fiction captured the typical Tamizh Brahmin milieu brilliantly. He wrote about great books and made us readers go in search of them to slake their never ending thirst.

Karthik Sriram said...

I don't know if you read desikan's blog on Sujatha... He had mentioned about his pneumonia worsening about a couple of weeks back.

Also, EVM funda was made prabalam by vikatan when they came into use.. so I, for one, knew that he was the "project manager" for the EVM.


Anonymous said...

Agree with Karthik. Sujatha's katradhum petradhum series in Aanatha Vikatan was very popular and he has mentioned quite a few times about the EVM.

Anonymous said...

Hello, just because you have not heard of his involvement with the EVM in India -- you are going to assume no body has heard of it before

Nalla errukku pa!!

Hawkeye said...


you made a logical error while drawing conclusions from what i said.

Anonymous said...

** I know many already knew it. I didn't. **

edhu eppo add panaiyya -- en comment-kku apparom?

Hawkeye said...


amaam. i realized many people would do similar logical errors. so added more redundancy.

Anonymous said...

Extra words are not always redundant.

In this case,that is what makes you coherent. Logical, if you will...

Catch my point :-) ?

Hawkeye said...


:-) well...

"just because some news article mentioned it" should have been enough.

if that failed "as if they knew it" should have re-clarified it.

but now I have "who didn't know but still" clarifying what was re-clarified.

" I know many already knew it. I didn't" - does not help at all. because its already present in "I got to know that because of the news article."

Anonymous said...

so clarified the butter has become slightly over-heated ghee now :-)))

We can take this offline,if you like

Sowmya said...

Continuing with the kozhuppu that I got from Madras - My athai introduced me to stories by Sujatha when I was young. At very a influential age of 14, I read a story where sujatha compared a woman's boobs to saathukudi pazham and I lost all respect for the man. Since then I haven't read anything written by him.

I am not sure why that was so offensive to a 14 year old's mind, while Irving Wallace's Second Lady was not.

Maybe I missed out on a lot of better writing by the man. Will give that a shot when I find the time.

Anupadmaja said...

Jillu and Hawkeye ... adadadadada.

Babu said...

"I am not sure why that was so offensive to a 14 year old's mind, while Irving Wallace's Second Lady was not."

Sowmya, thats a classic Indian hypocrisy in our blood, esp in that age....but we get matured as we grow, travel and learn.....sad some of us still carry it the movie "pakamaley Kadhal" where this guys says to Ajit "I'm like other Indian like girls wearing less but my wife wearing everything covered"..

ps: I know what a digress :-)

Anonymous said...

anupadmaja -- avan than start pannan :-).

sowmya -- Mangoes, I have heard. oranges no but please do try and read some of his work.

Maybe even Sriranga Devathaigal.

Anonymous said...

" count the # of people who didn't know but still write that in their 'RIP' as if they knew it all along."

Ethu thevaya in the post la?

I knew the EVM thing too. But I would assume people would write about his literary works(vast)... this evm would go only to regular journalist craps.


Hawkeye said...


yen thevai illai?

Anonymous said...
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