Monday, March 17, 2008

Boy-boy talk. Boy-Girl No talk

Many years ago I penaathified here. Recently Times Now has done an expose on engineering colleges that ban girls from talking to boys. Link courtesy Anti.

Part I

Part II


WA said...

Anti aunty yaaru? Engeyo kelvi patta peraa irukke

anantha said...

WA: Yakkow. Over scene dhaane idhu :P

WA said...

huh if some of us call you anti, you throw a tantrum, so how come its okay for hawkeye to call you so?

WA said...

adhu seri coming back to the topic in hand, girl-boy no talk ellam okay, what about people who are attracted to people of the same sex? Why let them talk to each other?

anantha said...

Yakkow, Hawkeye gets it from his birather, who calls me that even now.

But his birather does not understand anything, Be it a "call me back da" or even his own "I will call you back in 15 mins, machi".

So to get to Hawkeye, I have to spend time making the birather understand and I refuse to go through that torture.

Adhavadhu neenga nallavanga and Hawkeye's birather is a somaari nu solla varen.

And same sex couples? What? This is chennai we are talking about, right? Boy Boy talk, it is friendship. Boy Gal talk, it is "fraandship".

Hawkeye said...


i didn't know there was a ban. I met him 10 days ago and called him 'anti'.


I dont think people like him should be allowed to have phones. But thats just my opinion.

'anti' is cool. Anantha makes you sound like a 'gurukkal'.

Anonymous said...

If any man can be as attractive as Anti ...same sex ellam avalova surprising illai.