Sunday, March 30, 2008

Enter Snowman

Its almost April and we still get to build jinowww-mann. This is not the spring I hoped for. Maybe I should have asked 'Kounder' to switch off the buttermaxlight during Earth Hour. (P.S: My Canon Rebel XTi camera debuts in this blog)




Anonymous said...

Yesterday it rained like crazy in Bangalore - not something that I have seen in my last 15 years in Bangalore. It would be itching hot usually..

Karthik Sriram said...

Be thankful its cold. really! Come to a place like Tampa and you will know how irritating the sun could get! When I left Chennai, was hoping for better climes, but some irony it was to land up at Tampa - the place where you sweat 365 days a year!! And a place where your AC in on Cool Mode right through out the year :(


Anonymous said...

be happy that you have power supply to keep the cooler on.