Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Guru Greg Documentaries

I am trying my best (and failing nicely) to move away from cricket related posts. Its like snoozing for 5 more minutes before you get up in the morning. 'One more post and that is it' has been my consistent policy for the past 2 months. Hopefully after this post I will reduce cricket related posts. I have 2 more pointed things I'd like to say but hey, everything in the world can wait. So I'll conclude the 'kirikate season' of this blog with a set of Youtube documentaries done on Greg Chapell when he was the coach of India. This is sort of 'behind the scenes' look at Greg Chappell's term with India. I am not sure if this came on a TV channel in India. A friend pointed me to the You tube links. Its an oldie but interesting.

Looks funny now - these videos. Although, I think Chappell failed and made a good case for getting fired based on sub-standard results and cricketing facts - I never subscribed to the average desi's hatred for Greg. As these documentaries will show you - the worst thing about Greg's term was nobody was talking about the game anymore. It seemed like we were ushered into the age of cricket soap/mega serial age. Things deviated so much away from the topic of cricket during Greg's term that we had to see a comical mega-serial like "voluntary resignation" that was as voluntary as the "voluntary resignation" of Kapil Dev as coach. Both were extremely funny. Somehow when people "angrily" express "feelings" about "Chappell's sacking of Ganguly" - I am amused and reminded of Sathyaraj kicking out Manivannan in the movie Amaithipadai. Masala movie material. Not cricket.

If you condense the 6 parts and ignore the ambient noise - and there is a lot of needless noise about controversies, hype about "cricket religion, cricketers gods" and all that nonsense - there may be a few interesting observations one can make. However, the sour taste in the mouth that a documentary on a coach can be so devoid of actual 'coaching' stuff is irritating.

Exit Greg. Enter Gary.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI


Anonymous said...

Awesome post...Gregiee is a good coach.

Babu said...

machi this was telecasted in Oz in a channel called SBS..which is like multi language DD.....I saw it some time last year......It was the first time I saw BCCI HQ too :-D....and such a rich org and in such bad state..the office i mean.....
was a decent docu......thanks to him for changing some mentality around idolizing etc....had a vision but i guess India was not ready for it...

Anonymous said...

watha.. udane greg periya badu nu aarambichutaanunga.. sachin a no.4 la bat paninadukagave avana sack panirukanum..

Gasquet fan said...

Any documentary that features Sanjay Manjrekar (even though he shows his back to the camera) should be deriled. That communist, white-ass licking, talentless dick should be kept away from microphone.

Chappell applied for the wrong job. If he wanted to change Indian cricket, he should apply for Pawar's job. That pathetic low-life ended up making comments against the establishment and paid the price. I have little sympathy for a dick that is so delusional to believe that a coach can change the way things work in India.

This is a pro-Aussie documentary and hence the focus on controversies.

Anonymous said...

"- I never subscribed to the average desi's hatred for Greg. "

How many more posts in life to say see how I am more intelligent. Bow to thee...


Venkat said...

long time reader plea, you cannot stop until you put a post on this ...:

Anonymous said...


Greg was an arrogant guy anyway.. what about him spanking a streaker and under-arming...

he had a vision and all... but the problem is he was doing all sort of non-sense with his process idea and created a rift in the team.

if a man like sachin says i want to open he shud have left him alone and not ask him to bat at 4. that is where he was so process oriented and not instinctive.. cricket is as much a game that is played more with instincts than process.

it was a nice video to see how the BCCI functions.. LOL... Chappel giving a mouthful to the the media devours one and all.. i knew it and how it works having seen the indian media in westindies...

nice video... but chappel deserves what he got... he just got too much in to his process which was ok and his implementation was pathetic.. him and RD were the worst cappo coach combination...

any way regards and take care


Anonymous said...

the guy in the last video is Pandiraj?

Hawkeye said...




i agree. the bcci office is like some pawn shop.


sachin @ #4 turned out to be the single biggest reason for WC loss.


sanjay manjrekar is lucky to have lived during the time of navjoth sidhu, gvaskar and other donkeys.


how else can i express disagreement.


i dint understand that article. enna solla varaan?


arrogant is a good thing. the problem was he wasnt successful. Rahul dravid was good captain. he won a test in RSA and won WI & Eng series. something ganguly didnt do. RD was too good for india IMO.


no idea.

Anonymous said...

hawkku, RD didnt win the advertisers' dream - World Cup. Athai vudu - he made India kick the bucket in group games itselfu.
So, sponsorsu getting all lossesu. hence-u behind the scenesu activities-u . resulttu is dravid kick the buckettu as captanu.manasilaayo?