Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Manal Kayaru, 8 Conditions and Who is the Emaantha Sonagiri?

Visu made a fantastic movie based on his stage play called 'Modi Mastaan'. The 8 conditions that Kittumani puts for a prospective bride is documented here as follows.
1. She should have joined college but not graduated.
2. She should know Hindi.
3. She should remarry if Kittumani dies.
4. She should look beautiful in the eyes of Kittumani but not look good to anybody else.
5. She should know to dance.
6. She should know to cook non-veg food.
7. She should not publicize internal house issues/politics and talk about it outside.
Naradar Naidu!!?? What is the 8th condition? I have been obsessing about this all day. Can't take this anymore!
"avalavaa kekaaliyaa illai avalavavum kekkaliyaaa"
8. ??????????? (She should be Bold - Know Karate) - Got it Finally.
P.S: Thanks LoneStar and Ganesh Babu. I can seleep peacefully now.


Karthik Sriram said...

I think its either she should wear modern dress or that she should sing... I'm trying to hunt in my dvd collection.. i knew i downloaded it about a year back.. give me a couple of days!


Anonymous said...

Ella Bharath,

I think you got the conditions in the wrong order..

I believe 5th condition is "veetu sandai theruvuku varakudathu".. and his machan will have a public meeting when SVS finds out he has been duped about this girl...

Not sure...

- Ganesh

Anonymous said...

oops.. My bad.. Ignore my previous post...LOL


Lone Crusader said...

was it "dhairyamana ponna irukanum"...they will show some pic of the heroine in NCC?

Anonymous said...

@lone crusader

you are right. I think she should know karate that is the one...

- Ganesh

Karthik Sriram said...

But then isn't this the movie where she sings jayathi jayathi bharatha maatha song? Why does she sing then?


Anonymous said...

11 conditions ella?


Ganapathy said...

gosh! - and you guys call yourselves Tamils! (LOL)

Here, let me list them in order for you:

1) Discontinued education BSc 1st yr or 2nd year

1a)Girl should know Hindi

2) Girl should be brave to fend off robbers

3) Cook non-vegetarian for friend Thangappan - alsatian to Adiseshan

4) Girl should be beautiful for Kittumani's eyes, but not to others', ie no previous affairs

5) Girl should know dancing since Kittumani plays Mridangam

6) Girl should never cry

7) Girl's secrets are Kittumani's secret, and vice versa, but their secrets are to be hidden from the world

8) Girl should remarry should Kittumani ever die

Purinjida? Naan vetka padalai, vedanai padalai, varuththa padalai! - perumai padaren-da-kanna! Naan ooru pokittu-varen, nee on kadhavai saathikke.