Saturday, March 22, 2008

On Phony-ness

Somehow when Sharad Pawar was quoted to have said this:

"Sachin met me and suggested I know you don’t interfere with the team selection but you please tell the selectors not to include players of my generation in the Twenty20 squad. Give an opportunity to the youngsters.’ Now who would come and say ‘don’t induct us’, when that means losing a few lakh rupees?"

I really thought he meant this.

Dear Public:

1. I don't interefere with selections. So I am good
2. I am good liar because I said, in the third para, "I told him I would not interfere but would definitely convey it to the selectors" and had the horse sense to cover my ass consistently by later quoting Tendulkar as saying "I know you don't interfere.."
3. Although I never interefere with team selections, every issue I did not interefere with was consistently implemented by selectors. Wow! What a coincidence?
4. Although we play a sport, we also double up as a sacrificing-for-each-other family like you see in the mega serials.

Sharad Pawar


Anupadmaja said...

If he were a phony that would be a better thing actually. Sounds like he truly believes he is all that "awesomeness" :) and is trying to educate us all about his holy greatness. Crook or idiot?

Anonymous said...

hawkku, for once, even I cant find fault with your views :-)

Karthik Sriram said...

This ain't new... And Sharad Pawar, poor guy, needs something like this to remain in the newsprint!

But I see that our venerable Thatha, MK, is proving to be a munnodi for various netas 'round India!


Karthik Sriram said...

Sorry forgot to add this...

For MK, its Anna and Periyar coming in dreams while for Pawar its the equally periyar-esque or Anna-esque Tendulkar (for Maharashtra) talking on the phone. Looks like technology is improving!


Sarang said...

I guess too much care in Saving one's ass can make the phony-ness come evident. As far as the team slelection goes I believe it is a very transparent process. We all know what happens and we all see what happens, what more transparency do you want? :)

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